Yelling at the dog, lesson 1


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Guten Tag! Bellz asked us to start a thread with some things to say when yelling at the dog. MOL We thought that sounded fun!
Of course, cats are never to be yelled at and dogs only gently. MOL
1. Schlechter Hund! Bad dog!
2. Schämst du dich nicht? Shame on you!
3. Hast du die Katzenfütter wieder gefressen? Did you eat the cat food again?
4. Leg dich hin! Lay down!
5. Sei ruhig! Be quiet!
If any cats have corrections or other ideas, please post!!


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Nikko, when mom lived in Germany she would try to talk German to her friends. She would say "Vos ist los? " They would say "Der hund is los! " Almost all the time. Then they would start laughing. They always asked mom to say "Right on!" They thought that was the funniest thing. I am going to copy and past your post and put it on my fridge! Danke!!snoopy

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I like kisses!
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Bellz, have fun hollering at the doggie!


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"Nein" = No (hey, I'm a kitten, working on my German!)

"Ich sagte nein!!!" = I said no!!! way to go


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Böser Hund! Halt die Klappe, sofort! Sei still! Böser dummer Hund!
Naughty dog! Shut up, now! Be quiet! Naughty stoooopid dog!
(MOLMOLMOL! Now that´s f u n !!!


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pfui, aus... = ugh - disgusting, off