Tell us your woofday or adoption day!

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Comfort Kitty
Purred: Mon Jan 21, '08 8:32am PST 
My birthday is June 1st, 2002kitty

Magnolia- Blossum- Lickitysplit

Fastest Thing at- Wall Level
Purred: Wed Jan 23, '08 5:01am PST 
Since three of us are here, we decided to put them in one post.

Daisy Mae - May 17th - This is also my gotca day. That's the name fur the day mewr purrents resxued mew if were rescued. I will be 3 this coming purrday.

Liliana - August 25th. - I was furom a breeder so it's just my purrday. I will be 3 this year.

Maggie - August 9th - Meowmie got me on November 9th 2005. The rescue people said I was 12 weeks old. So Meowmie figured my purrday would be in the week of the 9th of August. She chose the 9th cos in 2002 her favorite baseball player hit his 600th home run on that date. I would be 3 years old this year. I guess I still will be, but age is diffent in the Rainbow country.


Josie loves- Tyler!
Purred: Fri Jan 25, '08 8:18pm PST 
My woofday is Dec. 8,2002. I'm now 5 years old.

partyballoons party balloons

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The talk of the- town
Purred: Wed Jan 30, '08 6:32pm PST 
My woofday is February 1st 2006party

Kissi (key-sea)

I aim to please!
Purred: Fri Apr 4, '08 6:17am PST 
Mine is May 19, 1996

Suzy Q

Born to be loved- & pampered!
Purred: Fri Apr 4, '08 6:18am PST 
June 15,1994 for me.


Foster Dad
Purred: Fri Apr 4, '08 6:20am PST 
August 27, 1995 is when I made my grand


Have Food Will- Find You
Purred: Fri Apr 18, '08 7:15pm PST 
My birthday is January 4, 2004hamster dance


Leader of the- Pack
Purred: Fri Apr 18, '08 7:17pm PST 
My gotcha day is August 22, 2005snoopy


The Charmer
Purred: Fri Apr 18, '08 7:19pm PST 
My adoption day is September 5, 2006happy dance

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