Winter Carnival, 2008 Season


Master- Fiend
Purred: Sun Jan 6, '08 4:19pm PST 
In answer to some recent inquiries, the answer is YES!

The Catster Winter Carnival usually starts in February or at the beginning of the Winter Olympic Games...which is how this sporting event evolved.

Everycat is welcome to join, just ask an admin or member to send an invite.
There are no particular rules except that if it is an Olympic Year, only Olympic sports will be represented; and no cat heads on human sporting figures are permitted. We want to show the agility of Cat as well as the creative ideas of getting us into skis, boots, sleds or whatever.

Join now, and opening day for 2008 picture posting will be announced in the Forums.

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Purred: Mon Jan 7, '08 9:39am PST 
Sounds like a hoot again!!!
We will get busy. In the meantime you may take down our old picture!!!

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Love Ya !

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Just a note: When adding your picture on the Group's page, be sure to include your name in the caption.

Ah, this is going to be fun, once again!!! dancing dancing dancing

Love ya, Catsters !!!!