Oliver and Freddie Mac

Violett, In- Loving- Memory

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-Chief Thunderfoot!big laughbig laugh We LOVE this! As for thundering, Mommi says for some reason we are being unusually frisky---China, our new Himalayan sister, has been pretty remote and quiet since we got her two months ago, (she is timid) but yesterday she tried to get on Mommi's lap (then got sorta scaredshock) then today she thundered and bunny-hopped thru the house! APJ, my boyfriend, a usually pretty---er----inactive Persian----he thundered yesterday thru the living room and leapt up on the glass-top table by Mommi's chair! Opie Thunderbear, our brother, he even leapt down from his safety spot on the dining room table (er, humans don't eat there--he has taken it over somehow....) --where he usually stays to rule in majestic beauty---and galloped into the living room, paused to gather his wits, and thundered back to his place, leaping up to his table!shock
Well, we do not know---I myself run daily throughout the house and leap up on the wall in the hallway and run in great leaps to----well, to everywhere!.....*hmmmmm*thinkingthinking.....maybe we are excited about Christmas? ( I don't know, I sure would like to climb into that tree & get into the middle of all them lights....)----PS:: Welcome to Oliver too!wavewave dancing

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Angel Pie- Joe in- Loving- Memory

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*ahem*----as yalls may notice by Violett's pic above, she thunders to the point of ridiculosity, ending up on the lamp and lately into very high trees----She stays IN now, but boy, we expect to see her galloping wildly as she is ful of energy! I also noticed she decribed me as "inactive"----I THINK she means "lazy"------I'd say *hmph*!, but it's true.....Joe Thunderbear ....(aka Hmph-Cat)dancingdancing


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APJ, you inactive.. I hardly think so, I remember some wild trips to Mexico and around with Vi.. hehawwwwwwwwww,, remember them and you can run in behind the shoes good too and hide in the cabinet.. Violet we know how she runs , she is faster than a rabbit, it is a good thing that Opie is calm.. welcome all new members

Angel Pie- Joe in- Loving- Memory

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eekeekYes, Scrappy, and I recall a Blue sister of yours ganging up with the Federales and hauling us back inred facered facedancing----boy, was THAT some fun! Well, we are pretty much getting along well now as a cat family---ex-CEPT as I mentioned I see Vi making eyes at Opie and Opie at her, and they----well, they.....they-----they eat breakfast together! *hmph* it is most unsettling---however, I am a batchelor and love her like a sister. Him too. (or something) ----so "This is the way of things".....big grinwink

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Itty Bitty- Kitty- (Martha- Anne)

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Well, I have taken to thundering up that wall in the hallway pretty well myself-- you know-- and APJ, was that not you crooning sweet nothings to China Thnuderbear the other night under the Christmas tree when Violett was up in the neighbors tree???? Well! Wasn't it?

Oh, well, I think APJ just thundered off to hide in the shoes again since I caught a glimpse of Vi looking over Ro's shoulder as she types for me......

Scrappy, you might need to help APJ escape this time--maybe he can hide in a subway tunnel in NY? All I know is that he had better run far and fast because Vi is looking for him-- Ah hmmmm

I'm gonna go hide as I hear thundering paws and howling from the living room....

"Oh APJ, where are you honey?"

gotta go


The Wanderer
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Is Freddie Mac for Freddie Macaroni?thinkingbig grin

Freddie Mac- (Thornclaw)

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MOL! Imagine my surprise to see a post named after me and Oliver! How fun!
Oliver and I thundered through the house last night and up and down the stairs! We have wood floors so it makes us sound even louder!big laugh

Freddie Macaroni! I like that, I am getting big and Mom was calling me Freddie Lump-Lumps cause I have some belly fat ...I like Freddie Macaroni better, I was kind of offended by her fat jokes...
red face

By the way, Mac stands for Macintosh, some computer thing my Dad works onshrug whatever that means!


The Wanderer
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Remember to re -MIND her you are just fluffier especially now that you are growing in a winter coat big laughbig laugh (that outta fix 'er!---heehee)dancingdancingwink