Adoptable FIV+ cats and kittens

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If you are looking for home, please post your information here including likes, ages, location, if you get along well w/ cats/dogs/children, and any other special information.

Dolce {Adopted!!}

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Dolce here. kitty

A nice lady picked me up as a stray and took me to her vet to get me checked out so she could take me home & keep me. When I came up FIV+, she wasn't able to take me home anymore frown. They're guessing I'm 5-8 years old and they've gotten my vetting done - neutering, shots, etc. So far I'm not so fond of those big furry dog things - I'd like a home without them. Other cats? Dunno yet. I'm a big lovable brown tabby - I'm friendly to all the people I meet and just love attention. I'm still hanging out at the vet's office currently here in Baltimore, MD - hoping someone would like to give me a home!


Dolce {Adopted!!}

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Well! A client at the same vet I was living at has an FIV+ cat and decided to adopt another FIV+ cat. She took be home for a trial run with her cat. I was a hit and I get to stay!


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Dolce this is ssooooooo exciting!!! Keep us updated on your new home if you are able! Yeah for happy endings!!!! partyhugdancingcheerhailapplausesmilebig grin

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I am new to the group but I just wanted to say concatulations to Dolce on finding a new home; so quickly. You are one furry lucky kitty.
I also tested positive for feline leukemia as a kitten and then again one year later, but I never had any health problems because of it. In fact, the vet said that I seemed very healthy and all of my blood tests (3 pages of them) came back average or above and he said that was amazing for a kitty with the positive test.
Our Meowmie thinks that my brofurr & I had eaten some of the tainted food because he passed on in July and then I went to the bridge in November.


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Red was originally put up for adoption by some people who were caring for him. They lived in a duplex that Red's previous owners lived in. Red kept leaving his new house and coming back to his old so they decided to care for him.

Red almost had a furever home. A nice lady in wanted him because she just recently lost her orange cat. But when ARC went to contact the owners, they were no where to be found. So the lady adopted a cat from the vet clinic. A couple weeks later, the police and landlord went to the residence and found all the furniture and Red on the porch for anyone to take. Poor Red was waiting on the couch for someone to come play with him and feed him and let him in!