Personality- Cane Corso x German Shepherd Pups


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Purred: Wed Nov 14, '07 11:16am PST 
I've got a quick question. I have 2 Cane Corso x German Shepherd Dog mix puppies, and they're about 6 months old. They are the best puppies, such sweet-natured dogs, and neither one shows the protective, watch-dog personality I've seen in many adults of both breeds. Do you think that as they approach sexual maturity they'll "learn" to be more alert?

How much of the "guard dog" mentality is a learned behavior, and how much is instinct? I'm not wanting to teach them to be guard dogs, but I wonder if it's something that they'll naturally figure out as they get older?

Any suggestions/stories about your dogs (especially around this age and a little older) would be greatly appreciated. I've got 4 other dogs (a Border Collie, 2 Heeler x Lab mixes, and a Basset Hound) and so far the pups seem more herding-driven (like a Shepherd) than protection-focused (like a Corso). They're probably learning from the older dogs, but I'm not sure.

Right now, a complete stranger can come to the door, and they just ignore them. They don't run to greet people like my other dogs, but they don't seem to be bothered by strange people.

Thanks in advance for your help!!


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Getting a new puppy 3 days. 1/2 Cane Corso 1/2 Spanish mastiff. Anyone ever seen this mix? I would like pictures if you have any. Also some web site if you know of any. I'm thinking this will be an awsome looking puppy as it grows up.


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You have a large pack, That will happen on its on between 7 and 10 months in large packs the pups will learn ware they fit in look for one of them to take over in the next few months let them settle most things on their on good luck