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KIKI RIP MY- BABY- 5/04to10/8/0- 7

mommies baby
Purred: Sat Jan 12, '08 11:27am PST 
Hi to all we haven't been around much lately, so today our typist is willing to work over, so we are stopping in each and every group to say hello to all and hope that all is well in your life.Have a pawsome day!!!!

Pepper an- ANGEL- 4everloved

I am in Lov with- TIGER STONE
Purred: Mon Jan 14, '08 8:02pm PST 
I was at the SPCA for almost 6 months coz no one liked my Hitler Mustache. It is a Birthdefect. I can not help it. My Daddy saw me and LOLLOL and said that is the Kitty for me. You see he has read everything he can about Hitler and the Holicost(SP) so he would know what happened. It was lov at first site. MOM really wanted a Maine Coon Cat but Daddy put his foot down. I do not purr as I do not know how to and I am afraid of heights. Daddy and Mom think I was dropped as a baby. You can read about me on my page. I am very much loved and treated like a Princess.Mom gives me lots of Fresh Fish. That is the only Human Food I will eat. I do not treats either.kittykittykittykittykittykitty

Clyde D. Cat

I'm a mommas boy- , so what?
Purred: Wed Jan 23, '08 6:13am PST 
Hi Everypawdy. I am Clyde D. Cat. Here is a little bit about myself.
Back in Feb 07 my moms cat Monster D. Got cancer. It was about that time that mom started volunteering for a group named C.L.A.W.S. She goes to the local petsmart every thursday and cleans out the cages and feed the kitties and such. That is where she met me and my sister Bonnie. She fell in lubb wif us but Monster D was real sick and she lubbed him too. We weren't at petsmart long when we got sick ( eye infections) and had to go back to the foster home. We don't like other animals so we were kept in a cage for 22 hours a day. Anyway, after Monster D. Died, mom felt sorry for us and took us home. She feels as if Monster D. brought us to her so she would not be so sad after his passing. Anyways, we are big mommies babies. We sleep wif her and she lubbs to lubb on us which is just fine with us.


Mr Purr machine- to you..
Purred: Wed Jan 23, '08 3:41pm PST 
Meowllo to everypurr! I am Buttons, my sisfurr Bella and I are paws kitties from Chicago. We love to play on catster when meowmmy is not at work. We are happy to be in this group


Misty-In- Loving- Memory- 11/7/09

Purred: Thu Jan 24, '08 7:03pm PST 
Hi I am Misty and have a brother who hogs all moms time on dogster named Minster Jr cause he has his own group...I am getting on in years and share the same birthday with him cause we don't know mine...

Miss Kitty

I love to play
Purred: Sun Feb 3, '08 9:08am PST 
My name is Miss Kitty. I was adopted from the SPCA as a kitten and taken home to share a basement suite with my Dad and his college room mate. Well as far as living there it was ok, but now my Dad is living in another country and I get to live with my Grandma and she spoils me rotten. I have my own little play house and in it I have all my cat toys, a heater, a big window and a shelf to sit on and look at the birds. I can come and go as I please and I also have a lovely warm basket if I want to have a nap. I have an opportunity to go outside any time I want. I live with two dogs and a chinchilla. I am happy to be a part of this group and want to thank Bitu for such a warm welcome.!cheer

♥ Apollo ♥

God of the- Sun and Music-
Purred: Mon Feb 4, '08 7:07am PST 
'ello Fellow KittyWhiskas! I am Apollo. Aka, Lover Boy. wink
Anyways, I was named after Apollo - The God Of The Sun And Music. I am an indoor only cat, unless Mum has a leash on me. I am new here, I just joined today. I would love it if all of you would puurrlease send me an FFR.
~ Lover Boy ~

Daisy Mae- Sunday Times

Duchess of Boxes
Purred: Wed Feb 6, '08 2:13am PST 
My name is Daisy Mae Sunday Times. I was rescued from the Monterey Country SPCA, in Salinas Ca. My angel sisfur Maggie also a rescue kitty had crossed the bridge a few weeks before. Meowmie knew that Maggie would point out the right kitty when Meowmie found it, but she didn't know anything in advance. She though she would be looking fur another Tabby, but on the day that she and Grandmeowmie decided to try the SPCA, Grandmoewmie said the other kinda kitty she wouldn't mind was a Tuxedo. Meowmie found me by chance when she noticed cages were behind the door too. I was all the way on the bottom. I took one look at her with my big yellow eyes and she know I was the Daisy she was looking for. My name was predestined, Meowmie knew that the next kitty would be Daisy to keep the flower theme going. I have been very happy here in my furever home. And since my sisfur Lily has gotten use to me, it's even nicer. Except fur the part where Moewmie has to leave the house and I have to stay home. I think my love of boxes and my kitty cubes comes furom being in that cage. I feel safe and happy. I can get away from the world and then when I come out and find Meowmie, it gives me the happy feeling I had when she first found me.

Magnolia- Blossum- Lickitysplit

Fastest Thing at- Wall Level
Purred: Wed Feb 6, '08 2:29am PST 
My name is Magnolia Blossum Lickitysplit. I am now an angel kitty. I was rescued from Collier's Feed in Salinas, Ca. I was 12 weeks old when Moewmie got me. And she gave the best next 6 months any kitty could ask fur. The vet thinks I got FIP furom my fur Moewmie but it didn't start to affect me until I was 9 months old. I'm grateful fur the time I had on earth cos Meowmie beleives that I gave her a chance to reconnect with her furst kitty Bandit who died young too. She knew she would find me cos she saw me in a dream that my angel sisfur Tico sent before she crossed. The day after Tico crossed, Meowmie knew it was allright to find me. Tico had prepared fur it. I crossed ironically on Tico's purrday 6 months after she crossed. That was really hard on Meowmie but she knew that it would be allright cos a kitty's spirit shine brightest on their purrday. It's not just a celebration of age, but a day of renewal. Tico would be there fur me and there fur Meowmie as she let me go. Any other day and Tico might not have been able to help us both at the same time.

Liliana- Houseafluff

Princess of- Whine
Purred: Wed Feb 6, '08 2:37am PST 
My name is Liliana Houseafluff. I came from a breeder unlike my sisfurs, but I think that Daddy rescued me none the less. The breeder's home that I came from had to many kitties fur such a small place and there was a doggie too. My angel sisfur Yum Yum who was a rescue kitty found me and got the message to Meowmie and Daddy. Meowmie called the number in the ad and found out I was an apple head Siamese. Just what Daddy wanted. They came to see me and said they wanted me but I was still to little to come home. I came to my furever home at 7 weeks. This is why I think Daddy rescued me. Cos I was getting bigger and there were so many kitties and the breeder who was nice enough was furry busy with other things too. So it was a craxy house. I love supporting rescue kitties cos my now angel sisfur and bestest evfur furrend Maggie was a rescue kitty.

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