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Ginger aka- Murray- Gingeringham

The ladies dig- my ear-tufts
Purred: Mon Dec 17, '07 6:45pm PST 
Hi everyone,

I'm Ginger, former intrepid explorer and now full-time bed-warmer. I began my career on a farm where a kindly woman took me in and cared for me with a group of other strays. From there I went to an animal rescue where I was sent to stay with a foster family until someone wanted to adopt me. Turns out the foster family couldn't bear to part with me, so I became a full-fledged family member.

Apparently they felt bad for ending their fostering so soon, so they decided to foster another cat for the animal rescue. They brought home a little grey fluff who had been found in an alley, crying her heart out.

Turns out the humans can't resist adopting the cats they foster, and the little grey fluff joined the clan. They've since stopped fostering, lest they adopt everything that comes through the door!

Now the little grey fluff is a poofy monster who steals everything that's mine. Even so, she's grown on me. Like lichen.

Little- Orange

Born to Be Wild
Purred: Tue Dec 18, '07 8:04am PST 
Hello fellow felines
My name is Little Orange aka Little O
My brother Little Binky and I were adopted by the woman in the begging of the year. She got us from the veteranarian that was trying to find us homes. We are 10 months old. I love to be badd, being badd is my reason to live MOL. My brother is totally opposite he is a goody two paws. laugh out loud Pleased to meet everyone!

Little Binky

So what?
Purred: Tue Dec 18, '07 8:07am PST 
Hi guys my name is Little Binky
That orange cat that posted before me is my brother, yes he is as much as i hate to say it big grin
I am not a goody tow paws Little O, Im just a good kitty and your just jealous because you cant be good! big laugh
Same story as Little O's exept I call my human my mum not the woman like Little O
Nice to meet you guys

Snow White- (I'm- Home!!!)

Where are the- seven dwarfs?
Purred: Tue Dec 18, '07 8:09am PST 
My name is Snow White, well because Im all white! Arent I beautiful? My new mum tells me I am gorgeous!
Any meow, I have been with my new family a few weeks, they found me near the interstate near a gas station meowing my lungs out. I like my new home, I like everyone in it too. Nice to meet you guyswave

Luv Bean- Butter Bug

Purred: Tue Dec 18, '07 8:11am PST 
Hi There
My name is Luv Bug, I have been with my family for almost 6 years. I was found as a kitten in the pouring rain. I love my family, I dont do much these days except lay around. Im just an old timer. Nice to meet you guys


Did some cat say- food? Where?
Purred: Tue Dec 18, '07 8:13am PST 
Hi Im Goldie
I was found as a kitten at a store parking lot, the family took me home and Ive been there ever since. I love to eat and mum thinks I should go on a diet she says pretty soon I'll be as big as the house, but I cant help it food is so whats the word? Delicious that it! dancing
Nice to be part of this group


Is it time to- eat?
Purred: Mon Dec 31, '07 5:43pm PST 
Hi everyone. I'm Zeke. I started out with a dad. Then, he had to go into the hospital for a long time and his family was going to take care of me. They changed their minds and said to just put me down. One of my dad's friends tried very hard to place me but there were no takers. Well, that friend of my dad's is a good friend of my mom's. My mom knew that her friend would put me down if she didn't find a home. She doesn't believe in no kill shelters...she thinks everyfur face deserves a human of their own. I don't want to get into a discussion of that though. So my mom called and said that she would take me even though she has 2 already. So, it was a hard transition, from my dad whom I was with from a kit, to a house with lots of dogs and then neutered and then to my now home...whew! It was hard at first and I wasn't nice to Pie and Shadow a lot of the time, especially Shadow. Mom was thinking of finding another home cause I was so aggressive. But, she was patient. And, I gradually learned that when mom corrects me, she still loves me. I learned to get along with my sisters just fine. Now we have the two kittens staying with us! They're lots of fun though! I like running around and playing with them. And, mom tells me that she's so proud of me cause I get along with them
Sorry, I kind of went on a bit face


Mr Purr machine- to you..
Purred: Mon Dec 31, '07 8:02pm PST 
Hi there my name is Buttons. My sister Bella and I are rescue kitties from PAWS in Chicago. We were found in qa storm drain soon after birth. Thanks ton for the PAWS group for taking such good care of us until meowmy found us. We were a present for our Human brother Austin for his 7th birthday. He takes such good care of us and loves to play with us. We wanted to drop by and say meowlllo. See everypurr around...

Buttons and Bella


Is it time to- eat?
Purred: Tue Jan 1, '08 8:22am PST 
Hiya Buttons....another Chicago cat! Cool! PAWS is a great group.wave

Shanghai-Ruk- ia

I'm the- BOSS!!!!!
Purred: Thu Jan 10, '08 10:16am PST 
I'm the youngest of the clan, so they're letting me speak for them. *g* Otherwise, there'd be a whole lot of posts and Meowmy can't type that fast.

Let's see....

Smoky's the oldest, we think. She was a stray that Meowmy took in and, after several litters, finally spayed. We know she's at least 7 years old, but she could be older. She was named for her wonderful grey fur.

Joey's the next oldest, sort of, at 3 this coming March. He's the only male in the household, hoomans included, and revels in it. We're his "harem", he says. He's the son of Peanut, a kitten we rescued and Schroeder, an orange stray tom we used to have. Schroeder's gone over the Bridge we think. Peanut's living on a farm with Joey's siblings. He was named both for his orange colour and the fact that he used to stand up and look like a little kangaroo.

Sari's the next oldest, in terms of how long she's been with the family. We're not sure how old she is exactly, but we're pretty sure she's at least 4. We found her outside our new house one cold December day and she's been with us ever since. My youngest hooman sister named her after a Manga character.

Salem (In Memory Of) was one of Smoky's kittens, but he ran afoul of a minivan. He would have been 2 this coming April. He was named because he was black and Meowmy has a wicked sense of humour.

Sparky is a calico that was trying to live underneath a neighbour's porch. My oldest hooman sister rescued her and she was named by a friend of the family - for her sparkling mischievous eyes. We figure she's just coming up to a year old.

Harley was rescued by Meowmy, from a crowd of kids that had already picked her up and thrown her across the street. Meowmy was mad enough not to consider the dangers of opening the door to a bunch of gang members to rescue Harley. We figure she's about a month younger than Sparky, maybe two and she was named because her purr is so loud. Auntie Shandy named her.

Last but not least, there's me. I have two names because my youngest hooman sister and my Meowmy couldn't agree on a name. Meowmy says she got shanghai'd into accepting another stray (I was living under another neighbour's porch) and my hooman sister wanted to name me after another Manga character. So I got both names.

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