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Princess- Prettypants
Purred: Wed Oct 31, '07 6:18pm PST 
wave Thanks for the invitation, Bitu! Hi everycat! I already know some of you, and it is great to meet those whom I don't!

My story is on my page and in my diary, but here is is again:
My mom adopted me in May of this year. We are both sure that my angel-sister Spike sent me to take care of Mom, because she met me at her very first volunteer shift back at the animal shelter after Spike went to the Bridge. I was brought to the shelter by a rescue group. I'm not sure how I got there; all I know is, I woke up with a headache. When Mom first saw me I was still in the quarantine room for new arrivals. I was skinny and sick, coughing and sneezing, with dull, rough, patchy fur, and stitches on my tummy from being spayed. But our eyes met across the room, and she came over to my cage, and I went right to the front of the cage to meet her ... I remember how kind and gentle she was as she held out her hand for me to sniff before she petted me ... I rubbed her fingers with my cheek and started to purr ... and she saw immediately that even though I had been through a rough time I was brave and smart and spirited and affectionate and would take good care of her. She whispered to me, right then and there, "Would you like to be my cat?"

Then, the day before I was scheduled to be available for adoption, the shelter people put me in the hospital instead! Mom had to wait six weeks for me while I was in the shelter hospital getting treated for, um, *whispers* ringworm red face .

But the hospital people took good care of me, and Mom was there to take me home on the very day I got out of the hospital -- I never spent a single day in the general shelter population!

Now, of course, my coat is so shiny that Mom says I look like I am made from patent leather, and I am the princess of my realm! cloud 9

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Tara RIP

torties unite
Purred: Sun Nov 4, '07 11:18am PST 
wavewavehi everyone i'm a little tortie and like to thanks bitu for inviting me to this group purrs taracloud 9


Squirrel - The Wildcat
Purred: Sun Nov 4, '07 9:26pm PST 
Hi Kitties! My name is Squirrel. My sister and I were found abandoned in the woods when we were tiny babies. We are partially feral. Mom likes to call it "unique". We are 4 1/2 years old now.

Lucky(RIP- 2003-2009)

Lucky - The Wildat
Purred: Sun Nov 4, '07 9:30pm PST 
Hi Kitties! My name is Lucky. I am Squirrel's cute sister. I am a very gentle but skittish girl. I like to play laser with Mom and I like to eat the kitty grass she grows for me. I also like to play with my sister.

Bon-Bon Jewel Germiquet

I'm the boss now- pet me..
Purred: Mon Nov 5, '07 5:33pm PST 
Well I'm a rescue. Nana and Mommy and uncle Robbie came in to the THS when I was just like 11 weeks old. Some one had found me and my sister Luvbunny at maybe 6 weeks of age in a park in separate places and I was so scared. We went to THS. We were sick both of us and had kennel Cough too which because of that it damaged my lungs who knows how long I was sick before My sister and I were found.

Anyway finally we were put in the adoption area but we were not there long. In came my mommy with her family. You see they had just a few days ago helped their oldest Tinkerbell over to the rainbow bridge she was 5 yrs old and had had lupoz and their other 1 yr old cat had been so close she had stopped eating and drinking and everything. so here they come they stopped at my cage our names from THS were Luvbunny1 and Luvbunny2.

Nana was like Ok we got the one we want I'm getting her that's when mommy put up a fuss she was just about to turn 17 then. She said No you're not I am getting her and here I was with my sister both of us afraid we were going to be separated but then I hear Nana say NO and it went on for a bit Mommy says Listen Mom you can't separate these sisters come on look at them and so my sister and I gave her mom these sad eyes. Meanwhile Uncle Robbie just huffed and puffed he was 14 then. Well they sure were putting on a show. Anyway finally Mommy said Mom come on listen I've already got a name for her.
Well wouldn't you know it nana said well If you have a name what is it? I'll get both if you have a name. Mom piped up Bon-Bon that threw nana aback she was like umm why would you name her that? Mommy said well she's black with a white bikini but she reminds me of black licorice and Bon-Bon is candy in French so nana was like fine lets go and off they went my sister and I though awwwww we lost them. little did we know they were heading into the adoption office to fill out forms and take us home.

Then all of a sudden they came back in with the carrier and a THS staff member and the Staff picked us both up and walked us into the vet office there they microchipped us and then brought us back out although no one can find my micro chip now wonder what happened to it. Nana was told to keep us separated just for another week cause although we were no longer contagious we were still sick and kinda tired. So we had to stay in Fantasia's crate. Fantasia is nana's sheltier she also has a Bichon but we had to stay in there for another week or 2. We were taken out for attention and all though but kept quiet.

A year later we found out My sister had epilepsy and in 2004 (whole story to long to write sorry want to know more ask ok?)
Well in 2004 just after I was finally brought home to live with Mommy full time (she had to leave me when she was 19 and I was 2 and couldn't take me with her then) 6 months later in August 2 days before Mommy's birthday Luvbunny lost the use of her back left leg Nana rushed her to the vet to find out she had a blood clot. My poor sister the vet told my nana and sister's mommy that it was a symptom of the epilepsy and all they could do was amputate and even then there was no guarantee the blood clot wouldn't return else where due to my sister's age at the time and knowing she wouldn't take to amputation and the no guarantee nana had to make that very hard decision and had to put my sister to sleep *cries a bit* nana called Mommy a day after her birthday to tell her who then broke the news softly to me crying.

Then in March 2005 7 months after my sister's passing I devoloped epilepsy also ugh so hard. we were at nana's for 3 months due to her going through chemo and all so mommy couldn't take me to the vets right away and was so afraid it was something deathly how could it be such a coincidence? Anyway we got home in June and mommy rushed me to the vets they took blood and everything from me.

We found out I had epilepsy and I had to go on phenobarbital now I'm on one pill a day and I am also now taking arthritis meds cause I have severe arthritis I also have a bit of brain damage in the area of my eyes so at night although I can see it doesn't register all that well and mommy went and bought night lights for me so that I don't walk into walls anymore. I love her for that.
Mommy was also told I may only have 2 more good years to give her of my company it's ok I told mommy I'll love you always and that's still 2 yrs and when my time comes I'll go meet my sister Luvbunny and all the others that went before me mommy just hugged me and promised me the best last 2 yrs of my life.

But other then that I'm a healthy cat . I have 2 other cat sisters named Autumn who's 2 and a half born March 5,2005 while we were helping nana her mommy was a foster kitty. She was found in a stair well my aunt found her (mommy's sister) and nana's bf took her in till she gave birth to Autumn. I also have a 1 yr old sister born Oct 12,2006, She is also a rescue she was the runt no one thought she would live but she did and came home to live with us she was very small very very small at 5 weeks of age.

The mother of the mother cat kicked Terucan down the stairs because he didn't want the kittens out of the basement. Poor Terucan kept in a dark basement for so long.

And then I have a doggy sister Whitie she's 8 yrs old When I came to live with mommy she left whitie with the sitter one extra week so I could get used to the house first then brought whitie home and guess what I'm the boss MOL

Well if you want to know more pls pls ask thank-you very much all my sisters are on catster and dogster.
*snuggles and cuddles* I know I know I love to write.

Bon-Bon Jewel Germiquet

I'm the boss now- pet me..
Purred: Mon Nov 5, '07 5:40pm PST 
Oh forgot to tell you
Whitie my dog sister is also a rescue.

First rescued from the pound from mommy's room mates the pound was going to put her down with in the week if no one adopted her. She was skin and bones loaded in fleas and had worms my mommy said whitie said it wasn't a great time. Then she was abused severely by those room mates stayed skin and bones due to not being fed properly even had pneumonia in Oct 2002 a few months after and mommy nursed her back to health that whole month since no one would take her to the vet. Then once she was well and mommy had money she took Whitie to vet for her rabies shot and put Whitie in her name then when mommy moved out she took Whitie with her. Or so I've been told so she Rescued poor Whitie who is now the happiest dog in the world.


Tabby- 'Tude
Purred: Tue Nov 6, '07 10:29am PST 
Hi, everyone ... my meowmy and daddy adopted me on November 12, 2005, from the Peggy Adams Animal Rescue (Humane Society) ... the story's on my page but in a nutshell - they're were on the way to the mall, they passed the Petmobile from Peggy Adams parked at a shopping center, turned around so they could look at the dogs (what???) and left with me!!!

My name was Quincy but that's a boy's name, so meowmy picked Maggie for me. I hid in the bedroom for the first 2 weeks and I'm just now learning to ask for love and exploring the whole house ... I was very scared, I had been at the shelter for almost one year and was adopted twice before but brought back. But I'm here to stay - I'm loved very much!!!

I have a big scar under my chin and meowmy keeps wondering how I got it - I'll never tell.

Don't you wish all kitties were as blessed as we are? They all deserve a loving home ... that's my prayer!

Love to all,
Maggie - aka: Maggadoodle


Aggie - Our Soul Cat- Angel

Conga- Queen
Purred: Tue Nov 6, '07 10:34am PST 
Hello, everyone!!! I'm Aggie (Maggie's sisfur) ... I was adopted the same day ... after our parents found Maggie at the Petmobile they looked at the other kitties there because they wanted two ... none of them were that friendly so they first went to Petsmart and bought everything two kitties would need and then went to the actual shelter ... they looked and looked at all the kitties and everytime they would walk by my cage, I'd reach out and grab daddy ... they finally realized I was the kitty they wanted.

My previous family dumped me at the shelter because they had too many pets ... I'm glad they did, I walked into my new house and made myself at home right away. I love my new family except my sisfur Maggie won't play with me ... so my parents are thinking about getting a kitten for me ... I can groom the kitten and play and be it's meowmy - I can't wait!!!

I send purrs and headbumpies to everyone here ... what a fun place to be!!!


cloud 9

Kitty Gurl

I wanna go- outside- pleaseeeeeeeeee?- ???
Purred: Tue Nov 6, '07 12:54pm PST 
Hi! I was a kitty on the loose in the neighborhood. I kitty I think i had a family but i bearly remember them. I do remember being alone and trying to get people who had cats inside their homes to feed me. Finally this lady actually wanted to feed me and pet me too. But i didn't stay at one house too long. My friend Tiggys and i would go together finding food until one day we both got bit by something. So i knew where to the lady that loved me. She took me inside and to the vet too (yuck) but i got better. My friend Tiggys had to have surgery for her bite. She finally deicded coming to the lady was the right thing too and that saved her life the dr said . So now i am part of a huge cat family.....5 others beside me and i love it!!

kitty kisses to all...Kitty Gurl


You think I- can't get that?
Purred: Fri Nov 9, '07 5:38pm PST 
Hi Everyone! Wow some cool stories...we are all special...
I was thrown out of a car when i was very young. Luckily my daddy saw me and brought me home. I was the last cat to arrive. The rest of the story is on my page...I have 3 kitty sisters and 1 pug sister and 1 doberman brother. We are one happy family.
Thanks for the invite to the group!way to go

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