Just dropping by!!!~~


Offical Taste- tester
Purred: Sun Oct 7, '07 6:10am PST 
There's alot going here. Mewm is having to find us a new place to live. In the past month and a half I have caught 3 snakes in the house. The are only Garden snakes but Meowmy and Sissy don't like them (not in the house anyways). Since I don't go outside they know I am not bringing them in.
Meowmy still lets me read your messages, she just doesn't have time to respond to them.
But we send our our best wishes to you all and for those who aren't feeling well Meowmy seends healing kisses.
Buddie furhugs to you my friend!!!! aand to all my motorcycle pals

Gimme- (Guillermo- Hemmingway)

Purred: Sun Oct 7, '07 7:47am PST 
Shaodw, great to hear from you, dude!!!!1 We'll be keeping our paws crossed that your family finds a nice, new home quickly. Mombo always has fears about snakies getting into our house!!!