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Purred: Thu Apr 17, '08 7:06pm PST 
I'm in Indianapolis, too!
Yep, about an hour or two is all I can really do, but I'll do that in any direction you need. I've been driving cats for a couple of years now. I'm primarily cats - I've driven dogs, but I'm not really a dog person...


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Purred: Thu Apr 24, '08 7:13am PST 
We live in NEPA.... I cross post so may transports and participate in a few as well.... My email address is ... Email anytime with transports sheets and I can either help or find someone who can ... My Myspace is .. I Have an SUV and I have fit all differenet sizes before .... Thanks everyone and keep up the amazing Job !!!!

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Purred: Fri Apr 25, '08 11:23am PST 
We live in Southern New Hampshire and would be willing to help transport in NH, VT, ME, MA, CT, RI.

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Purred: Sun Apr 27, '08 7:16pm PST 
Hi! I'm so glad I found this group! I can only do 1-2 night emergency fostering right now due to renting but am more than willing to donate my time/money to transporting.

I live in Bay City Michigan, roughly 1.5 hours north of Detroit. I can drive anywhere in MI, OH, IN, IL, Ontario Canada - basically anywhere within a 6 hour one way drive on the weekends. Overnights are ok too with notice! I do work some weekends, but can usually transport on a Sunday/Monday if I work that Saturday.

I could fit 3-4 small/medium carriers in the car. Any size dogs, puppies, cats, or kittens are ok! I recently transported a pom, Jack Russel, and Shepherd mix together on a 5 hour trip so obviously I'm flexible! laugh out loud

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Purred: Sun May 11, '08 9:54pm PST 
I'm in southern California (Long Beach) & can go a few hours any direction (except into the ocean. . .). I'm mostly a cat person, but I have an Element, so I have room & am willing to try dogs & other animals if needed. I sometimes have room for fosters (vaccinated/tested), but am full-up at the moment with two litters of foster kittens. kittypuppykittypuppy

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Purred: Mon May 19, '08 12:47pm PST 
I'm near Philadelphia PA and can do short trips in this area, or longer trips (with good advance notice) in about a 250-mile radius. That would include territory in northeastern VA, eastern MD, DC, Delaware, NJ, east and central PA, southeast and central NY, and western Connecticut and Massachusetts. Since I live at a nexus for many of these points, I could do overnight trips if necessary.

I have a Mini Cooper, so I'm limited to 3 or 4 cats depending on the size of their carriers, or 2 cats overnight.


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Purred: Mon Jul 14, '08 2:48pm PST 
Hi! We can transport cats (and probably keep them overnight if need be) and dogs of just about any size from Cincinnati and the surrounding area up to several hours away through the end of august when we move with our kitties to Exeter, England- we'd love to do transport there, too!

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Purred: Tue Aug 26, '08 12:51pm PST 
We live in southern California, Santa Ana to be precise. We’re willing to transport for a day, wherever that may be...

We’re mostly restricted to the weekends, though.

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Purred: Wed Jan 28, '09 6:54pm PST 
Hi! We are new here. Our furriend, Diego, lead us to this group. Mommy doesn't get much time to read the forums.

We live in Enid, Oklahoma which is the western part of the main state (not the panhandle). We are willing to transport kitties to areas within about a 200 mile radius of our home. Major cities well within that distance are: Wichita, Tulsa and Oklahoma City. We can only transport on weekends.

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Purred: Wed Jan 28, '09 6:56pm PST 
Ooops! Edgar wasn't paying attention... red face We are willing to transport doggies too!

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