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Miss Mittens- - Angel DG #14

Angel Diva
Purred: Wed Jun 20, '07 11:46am PST 
Hi everyone! wave

Please say and hello and tell us a little about you.


Baby Girl

What's for- dinner tonight?
Purred: Wed Jun 20, '07 1:48pm PST 
Here are some from the old group...

- Mittens -

Please introduce yourself and tell us all about you. This way we kitties can get to know each other better.

My name is Mittens and I'm 11 years old and have a sister named KC, who is very annoying and has a little squeaky voice.

My sister and I came to live with our meowmy about 16 months ago. My favorite activities are eating and sleeping. Yes, I'll play but my meowmy has to bug me and bug me to do it. I like to play with the DaBird and peacock feathers and some of my catnip toys. But nothing beats a good nap! My meowmy tells me I'm very affectionate but I'm also a big 'fraidy cat too.

My meows are very LOUD. My meowmy should give me what I want the minute I ask, but when she doesn't, my meows get louder and louder the longer I don't get what I want when I want it. The two-leggeds all tell me I have a very musical voice. Meowmy says if I was a two-legged, I would be something called a *singer.* Don't know what that is ??

I luv to talk alot and am always chattering and commenting on things. But I'm LOUD too and my meowmy says it's very annoying at times.

- Me - (Baby Girl)

You want to know about me?
Okay, here goes....I was a feral cat who was born under a rose bush in mommy and daddy's side yard. I hung around and decided to come in one day. They fell in love with me and me with them! I used to be a real scaredy cat, but now I am very loving.
I LOVE food - especially people favorites are rotisserie chicken, zucchini, squash, cheese, crab and turkey. If people don't share their food with me I beg and then smack them with my paw. My mom says my table manners are awful! MOL - I always get some yummy's though!
I also LOVE to be outside in the garden. I am an excellent hunter and bring lots of mice and birds home for Mom. My favorite summer time sleeping spot is in the vegetable garden, surrounded by tomato plants. I also like to play in water, especially in the toilet, where I usually make a mess and leave kitty footprints all over the house. And I love my mousie toys. I hide them all over the house for Mommy to find.
I am also a very spoiled cat (at least that's what dad says)...I get my very own Christmas tree. It's smaller than theirs, but mine has only cat ornaments on it. And I have two bedrooms to choose from. I don't see how that makes me you?
As soon as Mommy and Daddy get home from work I meow and meow and meow and tell them all about my day!
Well, that's about it - what about you guys? Tell me all about you...
Baby Girl

- Coco -

Hi everyone! I'm Coco. I go to my furever home next week and am so excited. I get to fly in an airplane and my lil' 'sis' Zuri comes too. We will join the Watch Out Gang. Mom calls them (and us now) that cuz she says everyone has to watch out while they're on the go.
I'm going to be a very big girl since I weigh almost 5 lbs and I just turned 4 months old. I'm very curious and fearless. I hope the big cats in the gang like mischief cuz I sure know how to find it. My favorite game is 'ambush' which means attack from out of nowhere. I also like to ride on shoulders. Mom says she only has 2 shoulders and already has 2 cats that like to do that. Hmmm....I wonder what my new Dad likes. He has 2 shoulders too. Maybe I should just claim his.
I'm a non-standard Bengal cuz my fur's too long. It won't get long enough to be a long-haired Bengal but it won't be a smooth pelt like the rest of them have either.
I love Catster. I love this group. We really can be the funnest cat club on Catster!!
Purrrs and sandpaper kisses to everyone, Coco

- Apophis -

Hi everyone. Sorry it took me a while to find my way around here. Coco was sweet and invited me to join your group.
About me: The police called my mom's father-in-law one day because a woman he knew had been arrested and they found a kitten in her "purse." He took me in but had an "apartment" at work and really couldn't keep me there with everyone walking around all day. He called mom and dad and they took me home. I was so excited to play (I had my own room to get acclimated to the house and the other cat, Fey) that I wouldn't stop running around even though I was panting. I was excited when I got to explore the house and meet Fey. Fey was not happy to meet me. She was the "queen" of the house and an only cat (mom's two other cats are now waiting for us at the Bridge), so she was used to running the show. Guess again! I was four months old and she was 3 years old then. I ran some of the flab off her.

I love my brother and sisters, Fey, JoJo, and Sammy. I mostly love JoJo. She is the youngest rescue cat in our house. We bonded immediately.

As for toys, we have our own cat room and mom/dad built us a playstation as well as purchased two cat tower things, some kitty cubes and tents, these cat "pod" things that are connected by a tunnel and many boogie mats. We have also taken over one-third of the living room with our toys - mom calls it the "Cat Corner" - because they wouldn't all fit in our cat room. (Thank goodness for Target and the many cat toys!) My favorite toy is usally any shoelace. Mom bought us our own shoelaces because she was tired of us tearing up hers, but we all still like to chase hers (and dad's) when she is putting on her shoes. I talk a lot - Dad says I "coo". I call it more of a "merrow". I am very affectionate and a pretty good sized guy, weighing in at 12.5 lbs.

That's it!

- Sabrina -

My name is Sabrina. I was rescued from under a hospital building along with my sister Kiwi. Kiwi found a home, and I stayed put. I love my family. My people are really good to me. I get to sleep on the bed, and roll around when they are getting ready for bed. My "momma cat", Holly, was really good to me when i came home. She gave me bathes all the time. She still tries to give me baths, but I don't like them sometimes. My mom keeps bringing home all these "foster" kitties. I am not sure what to do about all this. They don't stay, but I think she is bit silly. She does come home smelling like other cats, and I know she is silly.
I love my home. The rules are simple, and I am treated like a princess. My mom had to go away for a few weeks to take care of my grandmother. During that time, I discovered I had quite a voice. My dad told my mom that I like to talk all the time. I have a great vocabulary, but you know how people's are....they do not understand.
I am glad to be here on Catster, and look forward to meowing with all of you!


Purred: Thu Jun 21, '07 1:13pm PST 
Hi I am Dude, the senior member probably, I turned 15 in February....the 14th !!!!!! sweet huh.....I have cat powers so if anyone wants something from their human, let me know


It's all about- ME.
Purred: Thu Jun 21, '07 1:16pm PST 
Good afternoon to all, yes, tis me the QUEEN of stuck on myself I hardly have time to step away from the mirror for this interview, oh by the way, does my coat look OK, huh? well, of course it does...I am fabulous. Purrs to all of my new friends


Rescue Cats Rule- the Roost
Purred: Thu Jun 21, '07 1:21pm PST 
Yo, good afternoon to all me pals.....Me ? I'm butter lover boomer, or just relation to the football guy...I'm all about good, 'cept for veggies.....If anyone wants some good ideas 'bout what to do with some butter, I got a TON of sauce receipes for you........tuna n sauce .... salmon n sauce.... perch n sauce...hey, I got a good idea....let's eat !!!


The Gizmeister- is in the house!
Purred: Fri Jun 22, '07 8:59am PST 
wave Hi I'm Gizmo!
I found my mummy when I was 6 months old. I chose HER! I was rescued after being left out in the cold and kicked around. When mummy came to look at cats the lady told her I wouldn't come out because I'd never come out to see anyone.... guess what? Out I got! Mummy says it was love at first sight!
I'm a big scaredy which has lead to me suffering from a bladder condition called FUS. This makes me prone to UTI's and I've also had a blocked bladder 2 or 3 times. Mummy is always terrified it will happen again and she watches me like mad if I'm a little too long on the toilet - geez, women! MOL!
I don't like visitors and always hide under the bed, apart from when daddy visits. I love my daddy soooo much, mummy was VERY clever to choose him - I love her soooo much too!

I have a big sister, her name is Max. She's old and doesn't do much! MOL! I like to chase her but sometimes she'll spit at me. *Sigh* I think she thinks I'm too young.... I might be 6 but she's 20! 20? Uhu! I know!

Geez, I didn't mean to write sooo much. Me and mummy find it hard to stop talking sometimes MOL! So that's me! I'm a big, lovable tabby guy.... I love cuddles from mummy and mummy snr and I like to play with daddy and daddy snr! You guys all have really interesting stories!

Love and purrs,
The Giz


Master of my- domain!
Purred: Sun Jun 24, '07 11:10am PST 
Hi everycat! I am Sammy! Dad heard me crying outside one night when it was cold and rainy. He opened the garage door and made the "come here kitty" noise (tsk tsk kind of thing) and I ran right inside! I was cold and hungry. Mom left work early to bring home some kitty milk and kitten chow. I was four weeks old and weighed 1 pound. I got kitty milk all over myself because I was so hungry. I used to fit in dad's hand with room to spare... Now I am two and weigh about 10 or 11 pounds. I was so small I had to have my own room for three weeks before I could have my first shots. Mom says she still has scars from my rough playing back then. I am a tri-color male which is pretty rare.


I love ME some- ME!!!
Purred: Thu Jun 28, '07 10:15am PST 
Hi kitties!

I'm Ashley. I live in Augusta, GA, and I'm a bit spoiled. Okay, I'm a lot spoiled, but I'm very sweet!

I was a rescue kitty. My pawrents attended a sports event, and the Columbia County Humane Society was there. My meowmy had lost her precious orangie, Taylor, a few weeks before. She said something just made her visit their table, and when she did, there were two little kitties in a cage, very tiny. One was me! She held me and her eyes started leaking horribly!! She looked and me and said she loved me. I thought "sucker!!" . I knew I had it made then. big grin She waited until I was old enough and came and got me. My birth certificate said I was a boy named Pumpkin. My pawrents couldn't find, ahem, evidence of a boy, so they renamed me Ashley Ambrose, after a current Atlanta Falcon player. They figured that name could go either way, depending on which way I ended up! Of course, I was a dainty girl kitty!! cheer

I love to fetch and play, get in trouble, and rule the world. I also love to aggravate my much older brother, Toonces. He really loves me, he just is so macho! But I love him to pieces, he's a cool dude. That pretty much sums me up. I am loving and a champion kneader. I'm happy to be here!

meows of love,
Ashley kitty

Toonces *Big- eyed Angel*

Humans, they are- SO inferior...
Purred: Thu Jun 28, '07 10:20am PST 
Hi, I am Toonces (the driving cat), named for the elder Toonces who was on SNL. I drive, just not very well....laugh out louddancing

I am 13 years old, and my hobbies are naps and eating, and Temptation Treats. I love them, I will beg for hours for those things. They are like kitty drugs! My meowmy tells my dad that they need to send me to some place called "Betty Ford" because of idea, humans often confuse me. kitty

I was a pound kitty, on death row. Really. Scheduled for the shot the next day. My meowmy's then fiance found me there and got me for her. I was so glad to see him, and he brought me to a life of total luxury!! Later, they got divorced (whatever that is), but after a year or two I got a cool new dad who I totally adore!!! He's my best pal.

I'm laid back and just roll with the flow!!! I have Ashley. That's the only problem I have. My pawrents adopted her and she aggravates me to DEATH!!!! I loved being an only child.....shrug

Anyway, thanks for inviting me, I'm glad to be here!! I just wish Ashley wasn't!! big laugh



Miss Mittens- - Angel DG #14

Angel Diva
Purred: Thu Jun 28, '07 6:28pm PST 
Hi Dude Kitty, The Fabulous Miss D, Butter Lover Boomer, Gizmo, Samson, Ashley & Toonces. wave So nice to meet all of you. What great stories you all have. Some of us have a few things in common . . .

Butter Lover -- it IS all about food smile

Gizmo -- I'm a shy scaredy cat too and hide whenever humans visit. They're so disruptive and they can't leave soon enough.

Ashley -- My motto is Sweet but Spoiled. . .

Toonces -- We both have annoying sisters -- my sis is an orangie girl named KC -- it's so much nicer when she stays away from me.


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