I'm a chatty tonk!


Loyal to the end- ~ Kratos
Purred: Sat Jun 2, '07 9:05pm PST 
Hey guys! I was just sitting here talking to my mommy...I talk a lot. My mom said she was reading a book on me, and I'm not supposed to be as chatty as the Siamese....My mom doesn't mind that I talk a lot - she thinks it's cute. I was just wondering if you guys are as chatty as me? Or I'm I rare? Purrrrs...I hope to hear from some of my fellow tonks...Kratos

♦- SACHIN- ♦

Purred: Mon Jun 4, '07 3:00pm PST 
Depends. When I first got home, I didn't say a word. My mom said that I was supposed to at least meow every once in a while, but I'd just let out this lazy silent meow.

...Then one day, I was really hungry and couldn't take it any more, I meowed so loud, it almost burst my mommy's ears. She couldn't move quickly enough to get the food and make me "be quiet".

Since then, I have learned there is power in that Siamese Part of us. And I don't hesitate to use it. Espeically if food is involved.

♥ Sachin


Loyal to the end- ~ Kratos
Purred: Mon Jun 4, '07 5:50pm PST 
Hey Sachin! It's funny that you say that you use your voice when your hungry, That's when I get my loudest too! However, I like a good chat in the morning and when mommy comes home from work - I have to tell her all about my day! I have lots of toys to play with, but I still get lonely. Are you the only cat in the house? Kratos

♦- SACHIN- ♦

Purred: Tue Jun 5, '07 11:20am PST 
I see why you are so chatty! My mom actually works from home and is never really gone for more than an hour or two at a time.

And the kids used to go to school and be home at 3:30, but now its summer.

I guess I just don't have a chance to miss them enough to tell them about my day.

My mommy's heard that people often buy tonks in pairs. My mommy would love to get me a playmate, but my dad said no.

She's not going to give up though.

Maybe your mommy will get you a playmate if you are too lonely. I hear its betst to get them close together in age.

Wan-Lea- Wendy Avalon

Nurse Kitty
Purred: Mon Feb 11, '08 7:00pm PST 
I'm a chatty Tonk, too. My "Grandma" (the breeder) can't believe how much I talk. Somtimes I just can't shut up! But I have so much to say. And she does say we don't just say something, we talk in paragraphs! Anyway, hope to meet some more Tonks. Wan-Lea Wendy Avalon (Wendy)

Al aka Alamo- Schmo- forever lov

I'm a scarf.. no- really.. a mink- scarf!
Purred: Sun Apr 6, '08 7:20am PST 
I yell if I get lost or trapped, and sometimes I just have a mournful moan just for the hell of it. It does make me laugh the way humans carry on when clearly I'm just moaning for no good reason!