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Brand new cool group for sweetie pets...


jus' chillin'
Purred: Sat Jun 2, '07 1:17pm PST 
There's a BRAND new group just started by the sweetest little puppums named Giggles called "Sweet Pets" It's a place to go to tell about all the funny, sweet and heart warming thigs that we sweetest pets do. Of course the "support our troops"group surely must ALL be very sweet. Mommy didn't start the gruop, but thinks it's agreat idea to go somewhere for laughs and smiles anbout how cool we are!!! We'd like to see this group really get off the ground so we can be heartwarmed every day! I know specific groups are hard to find so go to my page 537752 and click on it if you're interested. We sure arehug

Mackenzie- (1997-2013)

Miss Priss
Purred: Sun Jun 3, '07 12:32pm PST 
I'm sweet! Do cats count, Frankie?


jus' chillin'
Purred: Mon Jun 4, '07 8:07pm PST 
waveSuredancing cats count . Mommy was always a cat person before me and they were almost all veeeery sweet especially Burt who never left her side. She named him Burt cause that was the sound he made whenever he jumoed down from sweetlaugh out loud