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Purred: Mon May 14, '07 4:21pm PST 
I had made a page on DogChannel for TeddiSue last week and got a lot of friends who went and signed the petition. That site also does Dog of the Day but they put the dogs picture on every page you go on, so it is seen by everyone, all day long. They use a member voting system. I have emailed all my friends to ask them to vote for Teddi Sue today. We have done this before and been very successful in getting our selected dog chosen. Hopefully, Teddi will be tomorrows DOTD there and her picture will be seen by many people. I also have the petition site URL listed on her page, so I'm hoping it gets a lot of hits tomorrow. *paws crossed*
(((Hugs))) to all!


Purred: Tue May 15, '07 12:32pm PST 
copied from Kansas in group messages:

I just wanted to let everybody know that Teddi Sue did get Dog of the Day at

The URL is:

Every body who goes to DC, even if they don't log in, will see Teddi's picture on every page they go to. At the very least, it will help get more people to sign the petition. Maybe someone will have some information on her whereabouts. I hope this helps.

(((Hugs))) to all! ~Kansas