The 509 (Eastern WA area code mystery phone #!

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This thread will be for the posting we are checking out (trying to!) it was discovered at the Humane Society of WA website in the lost and found ads. So far, the phone # has either had no answer or busy ALL THE TIME!
Here's the listing:

Date found: 4/20/2007
Where found: Doescher Drive, between Galloway and Mapleway in Gleed
Description: very cute, black with tan, white on paws
Collar: Red Canvas
Age: Young
Color: Black
Contact: Carrie at 833-9412 or 966-4330.

The area code is 509 The neighbor has the dog teddi's mom call 509-966-5868 talk to John Jager.My prayers are with you that this is Teddi Sue.Please let us know.

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I'm sorta confused about the "neighbor" part! Who's neighbor???? Carrie's??? The Humane Society's???? John Jager's???? We just cannot get through to that 509 phone #! Grrr!confused

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I spoke with Carrie at 509-833-9412 about 6:30 dogster time.

she said her neighbor John had the dog but was not sure if he still had it? she did not know John's number off hand which seemed odd? I gave her the one we have (it may be a wrong #). said she would call him and get back in touch with me.

another weird thing... when I asked if she had a computer, she asked the other people with her, "do we have internet here?" guess she could have been on cell phone at a friends or something???

heard NOTHING back cry

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this is a cross post from Libby. She posted this in the group messages:

Subject: TEDDI SUE UPDATE! Sent: Tue May 15

D'ann wrote and gave me the numbers to call. Since I have free long distance I am able to call anyone, anywhere, anytime. Remember that!! If anyone ever needs me to I will and can!!!

Anyways, here's the news:
I got D'anns message with the numbers. I tried to call John first and got NOTHING. I actually let it ring so long that a little recording came on and said that the party isn't answering and to try later. Then I called Carrie and just got her answering machine. I kept trying though!!!
The second time I called Carrie she picked up and I talked with her. She wasn't sure on what day the dog was found, but she said that John might have had her out in the kennel. She wasn't sure of the sex, but it was a small black/tan...she said it had white on the paws and on the tip of the tail...which was a downer for me because Teddi didn't have that. The dog was wearing a red collar. She said she was going to call over to John and call me back.
Carrie called AGAIN and said that she wanted the website and she would look at it. When she looked at it she would call me back with a yes or no. If it was a yes she would give me more info.
Carrie called back again and sadly it was a no.

SO! I guess the point of this message is to A - give info, maybe someone else out there has a dog like this... and B - let everyone know that neither Carrie nor John has Teddi.

Keep looking guys and gals!!! Maybe we're getting closer.

Licks and Wags!!! ,)~
Trista, Libby and the gang

Thanks , Libby. It's sad we didn't find Teddi Sue there, but it's one more that we can be sure is not her and we can stop spending time and energy on that lead now. We really appreciate your help.

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I think someone should still visit these people to see the dog. They obviously know what we are looking for and maybe they said there was white on her because they knew Teddi Sue didn't have any white on her paws, etc. It all just seems very weird to me. Maybe initially they wanted to give her back and now they've changed their minds.

Does anyone else think their behaviour has been strange?

Love, Lucas


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yes, it WAS strange - see recap of May 14 groupe messages at forum thread "Reverse Look up on 509#/360# Bellingham/Weird Woman" - that WAS a wierd day!

but look at the originaly HS post April 20 - at top of this thread
they DID mention white on paws and red canvas collar from the beginning. do not think if these are the people that stole her that they would have placed this ad with so much detail and so quickly (4/20).

personally, I would have acted weird too and stopped answering my phone if all of a sudden so many Dogsters KEPT trying to call me like what happened May 14 laugh out loud

i.e. Libby DID receive phone calls back from Carrie, had multiple conversations with her, and it all seems consistant with the original ad IMHO..... yeah, to Libby for getting this messy situation straightened out!

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OK, guess I am just not trusting anyone anymore! That woman just seemed so weird to me, like she was hiding something!

Every day we look at this page and hope someone will have written -TEDDI SUE - safe at home! How frustrating! But we must not lose hope. We have to keep pressing and keep positive. hug