Homemade Senior Cat Food

Friday- Lucifer

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Purred: Sat May 5, '07 5:20pm PST 
Hey all!

My parents want to start feeding me homemade cat food and don't know where to begin. My mom is reading some things online - some say to feed raw meat and some say to feed cooked meat. I am 13 and have recently had an ear infection and have a little allergy (sneezing). I would love a food recipe that I will LOVE (I am very picky) that could maybe boost my immune system a little. I know I love it when my dad gives me some of his steak - would that be a good meat for me? Any help is appreciated.



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Hi! I posted some under cat meal recipes. There's a great e-book that I got a bunch of the recipes from, p-mail me with your e-mail if you want it sent to you.