Congratulations, ETHAN!


Master- Fiend
Purred: Mon Apr 2, '07 11:03pm PST 
Many thanks to all the cats who participated in the Catster Winter Carnival Photo Contest and to those who strolled and voted!

Good for you, Ethan - I will try a more daring deed next year; you're inspirational!

Hope Everycat enjoyed the pics and contest...



Head of- household
Purred: Tue Apr 3, '07 12:34am PST 
Congrats to you, Ethan! Well done, pal! That is an excellent photo and you are a very daring cat. There were so many great photos that we found it impossible to choose a favourite. Thanks to the group admins for organizing this photo contest. We're sure everycat had fun participating and admiring the wonderful photos.

Toffy and Vanessa

Ethan - Sweet Angel

I am- energized!-
Purred: Tue Apr 3, '07 7:12am PST 
Many thanks Vijay, Toffy and Vanessa. I am one happy kitty. snoopysnoopy