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Captain Vinnie
Purred: Tue May 15, '07 6:13am PST 
My mom's three uncles served in WWII. One of them who was in the Army went into Omaha Beach on D-Day. He was in the Battle of the Bulge and was among those who liberated Dachau concentration camp. He never talked about the war until he was an old man.

I didn't know him, but my mom told me what a great guy he was. She has a picture of him on her dresser. kitty Vinnie


Always the- Adventurer - that's ME !!
Purred: Sat May 19, '07 7:21am PST 
My daddy is leaving Thursday the 24th to serve our country !

Thank you daddy for protecting all of us ! applause

Colleen - (Forever- Loved)

I'm Colleen,- Queen of The- Condo!
Purred: Mon May 28, '07 1:10pm PST 

My grandpaw served in the Air Force during the Vietnam War. He worked on fixing the planes and was stationed in Thiland. He was in Vietnam itself for 1 day. One of my great-grandpaws served in the Army in World War II as a Medic. He was in Japan. My other great-grandpaw served in World War II as well. I'm not real sure what branch of the service or what he did though.

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