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Arnold P.- Sweetie Boy- Forever

Purred: Sat Mar 24, '07 6:15am PST 
YAY, Sissy!!! Great job as always! applause applause applause applause applause

Edited by author Sat Mar 24, '07 6:16am PST

Cookie (Olde- Dirty- Angelman)

I'm the O.G.,- mofo
Purred: Sat Mar 24, '07 8:34am PST 
Great job again Sissy. It's hard to write segues that don't sound really cheesy (watch the news - even the pros suck at it) and you're very good, and funny.

Happy early birthday to Myriah and Arnold P. And thanks for the star, Arnold.

To hearken back to last week's discussion about yowling, I managed to squeak out many sorry-sounding yowls this weeks, since mom 'fixed' my beloved drippy faucet. I yowled and yowled, pretty quietly. I am not used to not getting my way. She met me halfway and put a glass of water for me by the window. My head has been dry for days now, and my little bald spot is just starting to fill back in. This is horrible. Horrible, I tell you guys.

Fiesta Cat - Sweet Angel

Party on!!
Purred: Sat Mar 24, '07 2:54pm PST 
Thank you, Sissy! That was super!!! big grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grin

Arthur (Miss- You!- '93-'09)

Bucket of Fuzz

Purred: Sat Mar 24, '07 4:47pm PST 
Thanks for the updates, Sissy! Great work!applause

Alex Angel

Handsome is as- Handsome Does
Purred: Mon Mar 26, '07 10:57am PST 
Now that I'm all caught up, I can carrying on napping! Thanks!!applausehail

Annie- Angelpants

Her Princessness
Purred: Mon Mar 26, '07 10:59am PST 
Yes, thanks, Sissy!! It's so totally pawsome that you keep up on all us Olde Furts!! cheerdancing

Sissy (love- you angel- girl)

Adorably cute &- spoiled!
Purred: Fri Mar 30, '07 9:19pm PST 
Meow to all you Olde Furts, let's start by welcoming our new members this past week
Queenie and Buddy
Now I have to say, how cool that we have a member from South Africa! I might just have to omit a nap later to see other members locations.

Catgrats to Macaroni for being chosen for his diary (and cleaver food stealing) skills. There were funny messages that day, thanks Calvin & Scooter for the laughs...oh and in case you didn't know Boomer liked cheese A LOT. And let's not forget a catgrats to Bill who was also chosen this week for the second time this month.

And as per Calvin's request for a weekly update on Scooter 's nekked belly, she has a new picture to show us all.

Our fellow Olde Furt Fiesta Cat had to visit the vet. He seems to be ok but needs to have more fiber in his diet, I heard Scootie wants to 'talk fiber' and others do too...maybe you should start another forum.
And Alex and Annie spent the day at the vet's too this week for routines exams, since their return they have been quiet about it so I will assume they are both doing fine.

In case you missed it, Arnold P. seems to have a job, he works on commission for SpotBot... humm I wonder if he'll share some with me now...

Happy Birthday to Mariah and Arnold P. who both celebrate today! Hope you were both spoiled with treats and catnip!

And I'm sure you have all noticed that our very own Cookie is Cat Of The Week! What a pawsome week for him - he also turns 20 on April 1st! And he received a great poem from Tyler.

With last week's major Pet Food Recall, it seems like Hill's Pet Nutrition has recalled some dry cat food made with contaminated wheat gluten. (thanks Salem) So everyfur be careful!

This week my recap will end on a sad note in memory. Our dear furriend and fellow Olde Furt Calvin lost his doggie sister Autumn. She too was an Olde Furt even if she wasn't a member. Please send your condolences to his family, they have had a rough few months and our hearts break for this most resent loss.

To all my Olde Furts, you are all special and help make this group wonderful!
For the next week we have two birthdays and a remembrance day to look forward to...

Fiesta Cat - Sweet Angel

Party on!!
Purred: Fri Mar 30, '07 10:25pm PST 
Thank you, Sissy, that was very entertaining, interesting, and heartening. Cheers to you. cheercheercheercheercheercheer

That's not bad for an Olde Furt, not bad at all. big grinbig grinbig grinbig grin

Scooter ~- Our Angel

It's all about- 'The Scootster'
Purred: Fri Mar 30, '07 10:43pm PST 
Thanks AGAIN, Sissy! I want to say that you, Sissy, are special and help make this group wonderful, too!

Every week there is something in your review that I forgot about, even though I read all the messages. This week, it was about Boomer liking cheese so much. That was a great story, Boomer! I meant to reply to it, but, um... uh, I don't know -- I must have forgot.

We had a pretty interesting and exciting week for a bunch of Olde Furts, didn't we?

Arnold P.- Sweetie Boy- Forever

Purred: Fri Mar 30, '07 11:50pm PST 
Sissy, as always, a great recap! applause applause applause You have a great memory for an olde furt.

And may I take this opportunity to thank all my wonderful olde furt pals for the best birthday a guy could ever have? I had more fun than a barrel of monkeys. Fortunately for me, mom went to work at 4PM so I could get some serious napping in before she came home and it was time for bedtime! laugh out loud

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