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Moosie caboosie- has got a screw- loosie.
Purred: Sat Jul 28, '12 7:43am PST 
I gotta trys that! *zooooooom*


Mr. Sweetness
Purred: Sat Jul 28, '12 11:13am PST 
Hi Sissy
Thank you so much for the welcome to the group!!smile

So many birthdays and celebrations this week... ...partyparty

Phantom -- Dreamboat #- 113

King of my- domain
Purred: Mon Jul 30, '12 6:27am PST 
Macybig laughbig laugh

Hi Moose and Opie...Welcome both of you to the group. Hope you can stop in at the BC and eat and play with us!

PixieBelle- angel- ♥

pampered- princess
Purred: Tue Jul 31, '12 6:00pm PST 
Moosie you are moving FAST! Impurressive! way to go I have not sprinted in quite awhile, so I don't know how fast I could go. I am a world champion waddler though! laugh out loud

Thanks Sissy fur keeping us up to date on all the news. I am sorry to hear about Winnie, and I am purraying hard fur Sky, Natalie and all our members who are feeling Furty. It's good to meet you, Opie! welcome

Sissy (love- you angel- girl)

Adorably cute &- spoiled!
Purred: Fri Aug 3, '12 8:12pm PST 
Olde Furts - Edition #283 - July 28-August 3

Meow furts, lets meow hello to our one mew member before we start this week's recap:

Cat quote: "Cats only assume their strangest, most intriguing and most beautiful postures when it is impossible to photograph them. Cat calendars always disappoint for they only show the public range of cat positions. --J. R. Coulson"

Two furts were in the spotlight this week: Henry and Bubs were each a Daily Diary Pick. Catgrats Furts!

It's that time again, be sure to check out our Furts Of The Month this month and previous months!

In health mews this week, continued purrs fur: Bella, Hooch, Macy, Natalie the NatCat, Ollie, Sam, Samsara, Sky and Xena Princess Warrior as they each deal with furty ups & downs.

We had 8 Birthday to celebrate this week fur: Rascal is now an adult, Chiquitita turned sweet 16, Hooch turned 14, Ashley is now a teenager, Casey turned a dozen years, while Marmite, Tom J. Katt and Callie all turned 15. We also had 5 Birthday Remembrances at the Bridge fur: Jazzi, Patches, Chelsea, Nigel and George. As well as 2 Bridge Anniversary Remembrances fur: Maggie and Critter.

We have 6 Birthdays to celebrate this week fur: KiKi, Cleopatra, Nashua, Sam, Mitzi Mayhem and Amy. We also have 2 Birthday Remembrances at the Bridge fur: Muffin, and Onyx, and a Bridge Anniversary Remembrances fur: Ashley Grimalkin.

This week's fun cat fact:
A cat eats grass as it helps in digestion and also gets rid of fur in its stomach.

Take care everyfur!
from your angel furnalist, Sissy


House Panther
Purred: Fri Aug 3, '12 11:16pm PST 
Thank you for your great update Sissy. Now I won't miss anything because mum couldn't drag herself away form the Olympics this week!

Macy Angel

Purred: Sat Aug 4, '12 8:43am PST 
Thanks for putting me on the purr list each week Sissy. I am hanging in there but don't have much of an appetite. And that is Not like me shrug I think the purrs are helping.Have a great weekend furts. I am enjoying the catio all weekend.kitty

Patrick- (Angel)

Irish Boy
Purred: Sat Aug 4, '12 2:39pm PST 
Always great to catch up on my fave group!

Love you and Always Watching Over You,

Edited by author Sat Aug 4, '12 2:42pm PST

Macy Angel

Purred: Sun Aug 5, '12 6:29am PST 
Thanks for watching over us Patrick big grin Where would we be without our OF angels? They are always looking out for us rainbow

Patrick- (Angel)

Irish Boy
Purred: Sun Aug 5, '12 3:55pm PST 
That catio sounds pretty fun Macy!


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