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Scooter ~- Our Angel

It's all about- 'The Scootster'
Purred: Fri May 4, '07 10:31pm PST 
cheer Thanks, Sissy, for another great recap! cheer I look forward to these all week long. You're the best! cheer

Calvin ~- Knead On

Knead On ~
Purred: Sat May 5, '07 6:16am PST 
Wowza - another great recap of the week. I like to read my weekly Olde Furts Column when I'm in the litter box!

Scootie - I'm sad that your nekked belly is nekked no more! Hey, I almost didn't recognize you in that Mexican hat! MOL!

Guess what? Catster sent me a pmail telling me I was a daily diary pick today, but I'm not!

I think they send you a trophy when they goof up like that. I'll be waiting all week for the mailman to bring it to me!

Happy Derby Day!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!


Scooter ~- Our Angel

It's all about- 'The Scootster'
Purred: Sat May 5, '07 10:44am PST 
Well, that's just weird about the Diary Pick pmail, Calvin! They can send that trophy when they send your trifecta trophy. wink

Isaac - 1/18/1991 -- 5/5/2008

How do I look??
Purred: Sat May 5, '07 6:26pm PST 
You do
Awesome re-cap!!!


Cybil ~ A- Beautiful- Angel

Love and Kisses
Purred: Sat May 5, '07 7:00pm PST 
I don't know how you remember all that info Sissy, but what a fabulous job! We have to be the luckiest group on Catster to have you as our weekly Olde Furt columnist.

way to go

Simon,- little- bodhisattva

Ye Olde Bard
Purred: Tue May 8, '07 8:03pm PST 
You are an amazing historian... I can't even remember what I am doing while I am eating (though I have some fond memories of Scooter's nekked belly!!!cloud 9).

You're the best!


Sissy (love- you angel- girl)

Adorably cute &- spoiled!
Purred: Fri May 11, '07 9:24pm PST 
Seems we are back to acting like Olde Furts, it has been slow on the members fronts...welcome to our 2 new members:
Toot Suite

Catgrats to Rocky Ann for being the lone Olde Furt chosen on the diary of the day list.

Now for our weekly update on nekked bellies, Scooter has nothing new to report. However Alaidh did share one of hers. Now Isaac admitted to having one, so where is your nekked belly pic?
All this nekked chat got Softy discussing bootie shaving...
Scooter doesn't want him spreading ideas since she apparently has a shaggy bootie lately. Oh course this gets Baby in a teasing mood saying Scooter is not saying lady like things...MOL

There may have been no new recalls this week but I am keeping news about the Pet food recall here, please visit these websites to stay up to date:
http://w ww.howl911.com/petfoodrecall_list.htm
http://www.itchmo.com/recalls .html

I have not heard of any member in need of purring, so that is pawsome mews! But does any fur have mews on Henry and how he is?

So which fur celebrated No Socks Day!? I know Calvin did, he also mentioned that he will not be painting his toenails for the occasion, yet I wonder if that was true...Humm I can see blue on you...
Poor Cookie, he couldn't take his socks off... Cute toe wiggles Queenie! And Cybil sweetie, wash those toe socks more often! MOL

I have to add that I have discovered a little piece of heaven, I now own a Zoom Groom thanks to the adorable Arnold P. who send me one. What a sweetie! I now understand why Isaac drools...

We had some members celebrating birthdays this past week, Simba turned 19, Annie turned 17 and Taffy turned 14. Hope you were all spoiled by your pawrents with love, snuggle and treats!

And we have 2 upcoming members birthdays for this week! So let's hope we don't sleep thru Max and Toulouse's special days.

Have a wonderful weekend and Mommy's day everyfur! Remember to snuggle your mommy and give her plenty of kisses this Sunday.

Take care everyfur!
from your furnalist, Sissy

PS Isaac you crack me up too!

Arnold P.- Sweetie Boy- Forever

Purred: Sat May 12, '07 1:12am PST 
Another fabulous job, Sissy! I definitely did not wear socks on No-Socks day. I don't know if I mentioned, but I am a nudist! So I didn't wear socks, or anything else!

I'm so glad Sissy likes the Zoom Groom. They are the BEST!!! way to go

YAY, Sissy!!! wave applause dancing applause

Calvin ~- Knead On

Knead On ~
Purred: Sat May 12, '07 5:24am PST 
There you go, Arnold, flirting with the girls by telling them you're a nudist.

Boy, his girlfriend ditches Catster, he tells me he is only hanging with boys from now on, and 2 seconds later, he is flirting.

You won't find me flirting!

Great job, cute sweet little Sissy with the soft eyes!


Back to my nap - yeah, I sleep nekked too!


Scooter ~- Our Angel

It's all about- 'The Scootster'
Purred: Sat May 12, '07 7:40am PST 
shock I'm S-H-O-C-K-E-D!! Call in the censors. Arnold, Calvin and Simon (yes, you too) -- may have to be muzzled. wink

Arnold P., I thought I was the only girl you sent a Zoom Groom to. Hmmmph! Isn't the Zoom Groom great, Sissy? Mine is purrple.

You know what? Mom managed to sneak a few "zooms" in my bootie area and got most of the big shaggy chunks -- of FUR (were you thinking something else?) -- to come out. So my bootie is looking better, thankyouverymuch!

Calvin, I'm so relieved you're sticking to your "no-flirting, no-girls" policy!

Excellent Recap again this week, Sissy! hail

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