How to be a Good Olde Furt

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Welcome to Olde Furts!

Olde Furts is for cats, so we speak from the cat's perspective here.

New members, be sure to stop by the Newcomers Lounge (Chair) in the Forums to introduce yourself. Use the Lounge instead of starting a new thread in the Forums, but you are welcome to say *hello* with a Message to the group, too.

If you don't understand the difference between Messages and Forums in a group, please ask.

Anyone may start a Forums thread, but check first to see if the topic has been discussed. Use Forums rather than Messages for anything that will generate numerous responses, such as questions, discussions, parties, and requests for votes. We have established Forums threads for:
(1) birthday greetings
(2) Bridge birthdays and Bridge anniversaries
(3) congratulations
(4) purrs
Please use those threads instead of using Messages or starting new threads.

Olde Furts' birthdays, honors, etc., are announced, giving a link to their page as well as a link to the Forums thread for responses.

Check the Purrs thread regularly since some purr requests are shown only there. You may ask for purrs via a Message, but the purr responses belong in the Purrs thread.

Forums are regularly tidied up. Relevant health threads as well as a few fun threads are kept. Other threads are removed 2-4 weeks after last posting.

.....MESSAGES (Group Mail):
Messages in Olde Furts are used for announcements and important news, welcoming new members and daily chatter. Try to keep the messages cat related and the responses "on topic."

Anyone may send a Message. However, topics that will generate numerous replies belong in Forums rather than Messages, as explained above. You may send a Message to announce that you posted a question or request in our Forums, but please ask that replies be made in the appropriate Forums thread.

You may add a photo to our group page, in keeping with the current theme of photos. If the current theme isn't clear, pawmail any administrator to ask. Remember to add your name and a caption to the photo at the time you submit it. If you need to remove a photo, contact an administrator.

Olde Furt birthdays are celebrated. For our Olde Furts at the Bridge, use your birthday or the date you went to the Bridge, whichever you would like us to remember.

Add your date to the Forums thread titled POST YOUR BIRTHDAY or YOUR BRIDGE DATE HERE. It will then be added to our "Upcoming Events" calendar.

Anyone may invite new members. An Olde Furt must be at least 10 years old, so please don't invite anyone under 10. (This is a change effective March 2009 -- some younger members were allowed to join Olde Furts in the past.)

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