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Mush Mush

Purred: Thu Jul 19, '07 10:16pm PST 
I am Mush Mush, but my friends can just call me Mush. I am sometimes called Grandma Mush by mommy and daddy cause I sleep a lot and I give my younger sis Sabrina(she's 2 in a half) a disapproving look when she's running around the house waking me from my sleep in the morning.

However, I am still quite energetic and get very playful during the afternoon and after dinner, I really give Sabrina a competition sometimes!

I am not cranky, I am a very nice, affectionate senior catizen who loves to sleep with & on my owners, snuggling, cuddling & tons of petting for long periods of time is what I'm all about.
I'm glad to be in a group with my peers, so I can have some mature kitties to talk to- instead of Sabrina all the time!

Mr Skins- (1986-2007- RIP)

Age before- beauty
Purred: Sat Jul 21, '07 5:34am PST 
Hi everyone! I'm Mr Skins. I joined the Olde Furts with my daughter, Pennelope Prudence Farthing. She is just a youngster at 19 and thinks she knows everything. Kids, they never listen to their elders!

Elsa, - Sweet Angel

Forever Flirt
Purred: Tue Jul 24, '07 7:43am PST 
Hi Mr Skins! Please tell us how you got your name. I am curious. You certainly are beautiful. Can you tell me about that too. Any special beauty secrets that I should know about? Welcome to Olde Furts! Elsakitty

Baltster- 1990 ~ 2011

Winks, to the- ladies, Iz still- got it
Purred: Tue Jul 24, '07 3:35pm PST 
Am I aloud to sit in the new comers chair. I didn't know this is here, silly me. I've been here for awhile now but have never looked in the threads isn't that terrible, I'm ashamed of myselffrown
wave Hi everyone My name is Baltster and I live in New Zealand When we first joined Catster it took us a while to figure out all the places we could go. When we found out where was a newcomers chair, we thought it was only for the new to the group cats. NOW.. Hee Hee we are feeling cheeky enough to sit in it ourselvesdancing Wow! it's comfy Maybe I'll stay here all day, I'll just curl up and go to sleep. Maybe no one will notice. MOL

Elsa, - Sweet Angel

Forever Flirt
Purred: Sat Jul 28, '07 3:58pm PST 
I've noticed you sitting in the newcomers' chair, Balster, and I'm glad to meet you. As you may have noticed, I find the chair comfortable too! kitty

How did you get your name, Balster? Is it a "kiwi" sort of nickname? How much fun to have a kiwi friend! Keep in touch!


Elsa, - Sweet Angel

Forever Flirt
Purred: Sat Jul 28, '07 4:00pm PST 
I realize I mispelled your name, Balster. But my question still stands! How did you get this intriguing name!

Mr Skins- (1986-2007- RIP)

Age before- beauty
Purred: Tue Jul 31, '07 5:06am PST 
Elsa, I got my name from my back feet drumming in the air every time I was picked up as a kitten. Grandad came up with the name.

The only beauty secret I know is sleep, and lots of it. In a comfy warm spot, preferrably on a human mattress!

Wow, Baltster you live just across the ditch from me! Almost neighbours compared to most of the other kitties around here!

Elsa, - Sweet Angel

Forever Flirt
Purred: Tue Jul 31, '07 6:50am PST 
Skins, Little Drummer,
I was just looking at the details of your bio and am amazed that you favorite food is----tomatoes? I bet you really love summer time. Or do you prefer cooked tomatoes? I think this must be part of your beauty regimen. Maybe you're not divulging your secrets after all? It can't be just sleep. You surf! Elsalaugh out loud

Princess- Jasmine- (Rainbow- Brid

Princess Jasmine- Queen of the- Castle
Purred: Tue Jul 31, '07 8:51pm PST 
I would like to introduce myself. I am Princess Jasmine, I am 15 years young. Since I am the oldest I am responsible for my younger sisters, Princess Furgy whom is also a member here and Princess Cookie van Trissa (Trissa). I have worked hard at keeping them safe and happy. Our mom works hard at it too. I think since I do so much she spoils me a little more by letting me sit on her lap when she is at the computer. That is my time to rest. I hope to make friends here, and thank you for letting my sister Furgy and myself be members.

Princess- Furgy- (Rainbow- Bridge

Princess Furgy- of Luedtke- Castle
Purred: Tue Jul 31, '07 8:52pm PST 
I'm Princess Furgy, you can just call me Furgy though, Jasmine is my older sister, but I"m not far behind her. I'll be 15 soon. Thanks for letting us join in here.wave

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