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In Memorium- of Keecee

I'm Old, leave- me alone
Purred: Fri Apr 20, '07 10:07am PST 
My fur sis, Dora may not be an olde furt, but she definitely snores! Mum heard her last night. big laugh


I'm lost... she- has alzeheimers
Purred: Sun May 27, '07 8:52pm PST 
hi all I am just stopping in to say meow!!! I am old and sleep ALOT so when I can I stop by. It is so hot here in Texas,, Mom has the real AC on high and I like to sit right in front of it. Keep cool and nap lots bye for now


Little Old Lady- of Arizona
Purred: Mon May 28, '07 11:50am PST 
Hi all-thanks for the invite Cookie- It looks like I will fit right in here!

I am an old lady, I have been with my mommy and daddy since 1989! I am not really sure of my birthdate-lets just say I am old. I sleep all day and I love to wake my mommy at 2:30 or 3:30 every night for a snack. My coat is not what it used to be, but my mommy still thinks I am beautiful. Thank you all for having me and I am having a great time reading all of your wonderful stories. I must go rest up so I can make sure to wake mommy on time tonight! Purrs-Scooter wave

Waverly- (1991-June- 20, 2007)

Where's the sun?
Purred: Tue May 29, '07 6:06pm PST 
Hi everyone!

I'm Waverly, and have been with my mom since she found me as a stray in Atlanta in 1994. At that point, I was already an adult cat. Since then, Mom and I have moved to DC, and we've set down roots in Baltimore in 1999 and adopted my dog sister Abby two years ago.

I was invited to join this group by a great Olde Furt, Alaidh, who saw my mom's panics in the forums ... see, I'm not doing too well recently with my CRF, and last week was a particularly bad week. Now, it looks like I might have stabilized, and we're all praying for my bloodwork numbers to get better next week.

I'm very excited to be a part of this group ... it looks like a fun bunch of cats, and the conversation looks much better than what goes on in any of my dog sister's groups (naturally).

Waverly *goes back to lying in sunspot on comforter*

Arnold P.- Sweetie Boy- Forever

Purred: Tue May 29, '07 6:50pm PST 
*sticks his head in the door*

*debates going in, because he is SO not a newcomer*

*takes a deep breath, boldly walks thru door*

Hi, everyone! wave I don't think the newcomer's lounge existed when I was a newcomer, so I thought I would drop in now. I hope that's OK!

My Mom got me at a Humane society foster home. I was the first to leave my litter. I have been old for some time, even tho I am only 11. I just have a mature attitude! big laugh MOL!!!

I am a seagoing Captain. No words can describe this, but a quick look at my page will explain it to those who don't know me. big grin

I am the successor to a very special kitty who I think is going to be stopping in tonight, too. It seems like everyone knows Boomer. She is a hard act to follow! hail

As to the clothes thing, I am a proud and unrepentent nudist! laugh out loud

That's all I can think of to share, so I guess I'll see you all around the group. WELCOME ALL!!! wave

Boomer- 10/30/1972 - 2/20/1996

World\'s best- kitty, Queen of- the house.
Purred: Tue May 29, '07 6:55pm PST 
Hello, everyone!

I wanted to stop by and say hello to all the kitties in this great group. I am one of the groups' guardian angels.

I lived with my Mom for 23.5 years. I came from a humane society foster home, too. But I arrived 24 years before Arnold.

Most everyone here knows my story, but if you don't, please feel free to visit my page. You are gonna love this group, I promise!

Angel Maxie

Bring Bling &- Laughter to the- Angels
Purred: Wed May 30, '07 5:53am PST 
Meows Everyone,

I am Max, Jesse younger brother, and Amigo, Apache & Morgan's older brother.

Thanks for the Invite! Mom and Dad had gone to the Danbury Mall to have dinner, and just walk around. Dad had just lost his job after 17 1/2 years with AT&T - it was one of their first major lay offs.

Mom could never not go to the Pet Store, she would buy toys or treats - but she could never walk past.

The store Manager was a champian abby breeder in CT, (Christopher Walkin has some of their cats) and had brought me in to meet a special customer. I saw Mom, and starting shaking really bad. I pretended I was scared to death. I meowed at her, and hit her with my paws.

Mom and Dad took me out of the cage, and although Mom is against Pet Store's selling cats & dogs - I stole their hearts. Mom put them through the ringer about my breeding, and then they took out the trusty old Master Card. They told Mom I was $500.00 - (but I was really supposed to be $650.00 - they messed up, and showed her later)

I came home and the first night I showed them what a pawsome little kitten I was. I jumped square into the middle of a hot pizza. The other kittys loved me, and the doggys Muffie and Barney also loved me. Muffie would flatten me like a pancake, and wash me from nose to tail. I still miss her lots and lots. She went to the Bridge in 2002 at age 18.

I have not changed, I still wreak terror on all the inhabitants of the house. I still get water pistoled because I don't understand that being put down 20 times means No?

I was supposed to be a show cat, but when the perfume of an unaltered male hit the room, that changed quickly. I was neutered.

I am nice to Morgan, I am fresh to Morgan. I love to sleep on or next to Gypsy. I like Amber kissing me. Dogs were put on earth purely for the comfort and slavery to cats.

Rascal- our OCP- Angel- '94-'11

The Moose
Purred: Thu May 31, '07 11:33am PST 
Thanks so much for the invites! I hope to live up to such venerable company hail
MY story - I was rescued from the pound by my Dad who has a soft spot for us orange guys and wanted a spunky spirited guy...he came in and I promptly chomped his big ole finger and began to play so he took me home to surprise my new Meowmy who had just lost a kitten to an accident (she rescues foundlings of all ages). When I got to my new home in 1994 I promptly took over (didn't matter that I was a kitten at the time... I was large and in charge in MY mind - no I am LARGE and in charge litterally laugh out loud )
My human sis said I was such a rascal, so that is how I got my name.
I have a large household to maintain, but I am training Pooh as my second in command so I can get some quality nap time. I just love that big sunny spot in front of the big picture window!
matter of fact....that spot is calling my name...hmmm, yes ... I do hear it .... must waddle over .... oh yes, that's the spot...zzzzzzzzzzz


Purred: Sat Jun 16, '07 2:35pm PST 
Hi, I'm Chadwick. I'm going to be 12 on August 1. Come visit me on my page, ok?534672. I'm an only child so I love friends!! I will really enjoy being here with older kitties like myself.


Mommy says I am- Purrrrcious
Purred: Fri Jun 22, '07 12:50pm PST 
My name is Taz. I am 13 years old. I am happy to be here mom says I need more friends my own age. But who is old? Not me. I mean I still play with my mousies and toys, sure I have to rest very once and awhile but hey that is normal right?

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