Butt'in'face w/draws


I go where Mom- goes.
Purred: Thu Feb 22, '07 8:35pm PST 

I'm jealous! My ma went out shopping today. Then she went to ' ... school ... '!?! Ok, ma must not know school's are groups of fishes that swim as group/community? I wish she'd brought me to this 'school' I can smell the mackrel now, meeooowwww!

Any way, ma left me all alone today. My dog- sibling doesn't even see me as part of her family .... cry Holly see's me as a cat ... to her that's less than human! W/her attitude I couldn't even do a butt 'n' face sneak attack ...

when ma got home she said she was to tired to deal w/my butt tonight ... cry

Oh well there is always tomorrow ...
speaking of butt's ... Shelly, why did you let you mom feed my ma sooooo many grilled onoins ... I think that I should get hazard pay (no money, just ots of tuna) for sleeping in the same fregging bed as her! eekbig grin

chow ... Bug ...

Shelly Adams

Catsteredit- 'steal dog toys'- b/c Spanish
Purred: Thu Feb 22, '07 9:43pm PST 

Bug, you poor dear! You should get hazard pay! kitty

My Mami says she spent the day with your Mommy's Butt! (even brfore the grilled onions!)

laugh out loud

Henrietta- Marie- @3/14/10

I MEOW you very- much, Mami!
Purred: Fri Mar 2, '07 2:04pm PST 
I want to know who has been coming in all wet from falling into the pond and tracking up the floors!

Mami has to mop 3 days in a row!

Poor mami!