Olde Teeth and Dental Care (Consolidated Thread)

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Freckles- (1993-2011)

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Jazz, do you like raw meaty bones like from a chicken wing or leg. My human grandad's cat Mei Ling likes bones and theyhave kept her teeth/gums almost perfect even though she's 13. Only use raw bones as cooked ones can splinter and hurt you, Purrs Freckles

LOLA ~ Our- Good Girl,- forever

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bump - for housekeeping. snoopy

Jazz - At the- Bridge

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Yikes! One of my fabulous fangs is missing!
It is a little embarrassing for a Sabre Toothed House Panther such as myself.

Flower - Purrecious- Angel

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Jazz....you are STILL furry handsome! Heehee! *blush* cheer

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