It's gotta be the bath tub

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Amber *In- Loving- Memory*

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Purred: Sun Mar 30, '08 6:55am PST 
Oh Tessa, that must have been really scary--I bet your Mommy was scared too! shock

Yes, for me it's the bathtub. I just love to get in the tub and drink the water from around the faucet--Mommy always knows when I've been in there because the top of my head is wet from getting drops of water on it MOL! Mommy says I am a silly girl but she smiles when she says it so I don't think she really believes I'm silly!!! laugh out loud

I do have a nice bowl of fresh water in my dining area--the water is even purified from our fridge!--but nothing beats some good old bathroom faucet water!!! cheer

Hugs and purrs,

Edwina- (Angel Eddy)- DG#1

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Me and Nelly Bell May and Morris have to drink water from the bath tub. kitty

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