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Some tabbies have mentioned this before, but I think it is time to begin our tips, tricks, and website information sharin site. Any tabby who finds a website with cool stuff for our Catster pages can post what they found to share with the group. Real smart kitties can feel free to post instructions for things like makin links and creatin backgrounds.

There are other forums where you can find these things on Catster, but they are scattered all over. Now the Tabbies can have their own purrsonal library to use and every TT member has a library card waitin for him or her at Tabby Hall.

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Miss Muppet

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Great idea, Miss M!! Tabby Hall has such a beautiful library and there's plenty of room for more information. I'll be back with sites I like - my typist is working on my new picture right now.


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< blink > your text goes here < /blink >
= bold ( < b > )
= end bold ( < / b > )
= heading 2 ( < h 2 > )
= end heading 2 ( < / h 2 > )

(all codes without spaces) spaces added to teach only

More Codes Later!

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Here are some detailed step-by-step instructions for adding a background (or anything else--substitute the code for a background with the code for a song, or for a cursor, or a graphic--whatever)! Note that if you do not have Catster Plus, you can still add ONE extra feature to your page, but Catster Plus users can add EIGHT extra things to their pages.

Catsters used to not be able o add a background if they were not Plus members, but Catster HeadQuarters has added one extra bio field to the account info of Non-Plus members so that they too can add one special feature, like a background to their pages. Plus users get eight extra bio fields. That's why you will see Plus pages with multiple things like cursors, backgrounds, songs playing, graphics on the right-hand side of their page after their biographical information, etc.

Here's how to add a background to your page:
First, go to a webpage that hosts free backgrounds. Here are the ones I have used:

1. (this one is my favorite but it's hard to add backgrounds for me because for some reason I have to enter all the codes in by paw--I can't copy/paste from this site although other kitties may be able to)

(If you want to add a song to your page, a good site to use is All the songs there are the real versions, not MIDI files. And they start automatically when your page is loaded, just like the MIDI files at

Look through the background selection at any of these pages. Once you find a background that you like and want to see on your page, look around for the HTML code. It should appear in a box, probably under the picture of the background.

Using your mouse, right-click (sorry MAC users but I have a PC and don't know how to do this with a MAC), in the box where the code appears. It should all be highlighted. Select "Copy."

Now, go to your Catster My Account page. Select "Modify Bio & Traits." When that page loads, you should see your biographical information and traits. Scroll down past all that until you get to "Extra Bio Field(s)." I think it is option number 22.

You should see two text boxes each labeled something different. The will be labeled "Field Name" and the other will say "Body." In the text box under the one that says "Field Name," type in something short and simple, like "Willow's Background" or "Firefly's Background." Or just "Background." Note that while it doesn't matter what you put here, you MUST type something here or your background will not work.

Then, go to the box under "Body." In the box, right-click with your mouse and select "Paste." The HTML code that you copied earlier should now appear. Then click on "Submit,"

and VOILA! You're done.

Go to your page just to make sure the background shows up. Sometimes it might take a little while to find a background code that is compatible with Catster. Some codes are too long and won't fit. If the background doesn't appear, you may have to find a different background.

I hope this helps!! Sorry it's so long but I like to give thorough step-by-step instructions!


PS Catster has changed the format of the pages, so now it's even harder to find stuff that will work with your page. They are supposed to be working on it in the next week or so to try to make it where all the old HTML stuff that used to work will work again.


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One more tip: how to add a hyperlink to a post. Note that HTML code is automatically removed from posts to the main messageboard, but you can use these hyperlinks in your diary or in the forums. They are meowy useful. Instead of copy/pasting links, you can just click on 'em!

This is the sample code. This is a link to my brofur Lucky Boo's page. When you want to make a link, just put in whatever website you want where the "" is.
Where you see "LUCKY BOO," add whatever text you want to appear that cats will be clickin' on. For instance, if it's to a page to vote for you in some contest or somethin, just type "Vote for me!" and that will appear and be clickable.

You will have to find the spaces I have inserted here and remove them. They are only to allow me to show the whole code without the link appearing.

< a href="" >< b >LUCKY BOO< /b > < /a >

*note, the < b > and < /b > are just to make the words "Lucky Boo" appear in bold text.

Here is the same example, without the spaces deleted. It is a link to Lucky Boo's page.

Hope some of you tabbies find this information helpful!

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