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Squirrel- Eliminator- Wonder Kitty
Purred: Sat Jan 6, '07 8:44pm PST 
*Stony opens one eye and looks around* I guess every kitty is sleepin, so Bastess you should go find a pillow to sleep on, ok?


World Record- Holder for- Catlympic Relay
Purred: Sat Jan 6, '07 8:46pm PST 
*meows at Stony* I'm over here with MTW! Goodnight tabbies! *curls up and zzzzzzzzz*


Purred: Sat Jan 6, '07 9:47pm PST 
Well, it looks like I missed quite a party this evening. Mom, please try to plan your schedule with me in mind next time. Look at all the sleeping tabbies...isn't Bastess just the cutest!

Think I'll just tidy up the kitchen and then head home to bed. I'll just put out some breakfast fixings for the sleepover gang...fresh cream, sardines, some of these leftover salmon crackers and this bit of steak with some eggs.

Sweet dreams, tabbies. You are the greatest. Hope Spencer had a great time.

Purrrs, Ollie

Tiger ILM- '97-'10

Purred: Sat Jan 6, '07 10:33pm PST 
Hmmmmmm, I figured I missed the party but I didn't miss all the food. "Hey Ollie! Want some help cleaning up before the heavy duty crew comes in? I'm going to fix myself a plate and set it aside for later. Oooooooo, this stuff looks good!"

~ Piles on a few goodies and leftovers to nibble by the fire a little later. *Sees an odd box among the sleeping kitties. Discovers a sleeping tabby in an Amazon box.* "Hmmmm, that's different..."*
~ Trots off humming to help Ollie in the kitchen. ~

Ms. Tiger- Woods :)

Always smack a- dumbdog when- they're down
Purred: Sat Jan 6, '07 11:18pm PST 
*stretches, goes to the littlebox room for a moment... it's 2:16 am sunday morning.. poor Momma had to get out of bed to let ol Paco Dumbdog out for a pee. he's 17 now... now she cant get back to sleep!!

Helps the others start to clean*

Boxie Brown- Forever

Boxie B.- with a- goatee!!
Purred: Sun Jan 7, '07 6:09am PST 
Wakes up and grooms Stony, then decides to go fix breakfast for the tabbies. Any cat for a catmint mocha or latte?

Spencer...Fo- rever Loved

Eating grass is- great
Purred: Sun Jan 7, '07 6:40am PST 
Good morning everyone! Just wanted to tell you all one more time how much fun I had last night! Thanks to Ollie for all of the fantastic decorations and to all of you for the great presents, food, and good wishes. And thanks to my furgirl, Cally, for suggesting this to Ollie and for the super race car. You are all welcome to take a spin as long as you drive safely!

I'm glad so many tabbies were able to come to the party, it is wonderful to have such good friends. Can't wait till we can party again. *trots off to the kitchen to help Boxie with breakfast*

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Explore, then- consider the- consequences
Purred: Sun Jan 7, '07 6:42am PST 
*walks in and follows Spencer to the kitchen*

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Fiesta Cat - Sweet Angel

Party on!!
Purred: Sun Jan 7, '07 8:44am PST 
*stretches, steps out of his box, stretches some more* mmmmmm do I see blueberry muffins? I think I'll have that with my catnip tea.

Ms. Tiger- Woods :)

Always smack a- dumbdog when- they're down
Purred: Sun Jan 7, '07 9:30am PST 
Ooooh I'll have a cuppa, too big grin

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