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meowt out- please?
Purred: Sat May 5, '07 9:38pm PST 
We came here because we thought there was food. we are so hungry

Angel- Indy♥

I am the Boss
Purred: Sat May 5, '07 9:52pm PST 
Us, too! We are hungry kitties. Look dere's da tables wif stacks of goodies. Let's see. Dere's sum cookies and biskits. Watt are dese rown things here? *Tyke picks one up and smells it, as Indy chomps down on one*
Indy and Tyke

♥Tyke- da Emperor

Memfur of Da No- Club
Purred: Sat May 5, '07 9:56pm PST 
It haz a salmoney flafur wif a bit of halibut. Do mew tink dese are fish balls?thinking

Captain (RIP- 2006-2010)

Captain Cook
Purred: Tue Jun 26, '07 4:27pm PST 
Anyone interested in some pastry? A mousse maybe, fresh fruit tarts, some cake, muffins, cookies?

Taking dessert orders here!

Don't forget, head over to my Bakery later!

Edited by author Tue Jun 26, '07 4:29pm PST

Oliver PAWS

<3s tennis- balls, peanut- butter, & Fling
Purred: Fri Jul 20, '07 7:30pm PST 
*cooks some steak*

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