to trim or not to trim?


Stryper no- stryping
Purred: Sat Nov 4, '06 6:18am PST 
Stryper likes to go outside in the back yard daily and I know he needs his claws for this so If I trimmed them would he still be able to defend himself when he's outside?Any coments on this?

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What kind of owtside RU sashaying into, sweet Stryper??

Oh, so many vareeabullz to consider!!! BBBT and Cee Cee both lived owtdoorz, before Meowmie took em hme with hur, and BBBT sez there wuz lots of scaaary stuff owt there, like:

Bad doggerz-- Even Edward sizzorhandz-kitty wudd have trubbul defending himself against em.

Baaad hoomans -- ditto.

Carz-- furrgettabowt it..........

Untrimmed clawz however, can grow into da kitty's foot pads, can get stuck into things and get pulled owt (OWCH!!!), and kitty hurselff/himselff mite try to trim said clawz by chewin on them.

Now on the uthir hand/paw, trimming too much can hurt the quick-- and draw blud and cawzz infeckshun.

So I purrsonally think a minor trim wudd be benefish-ul to all involved.

Ack! Ack!

Miss P, hoo usta purr when hur clawz wuz trimmed.

Oh Pee Ess-- iz sweet Stryper vakksinatid against FLV??? Wun bite from an infeckid kitty and it may be da beginning of the end.... Meowmie's friend's cat -- a sweet sweet liddle kitty, got bited in a cat fite, got infektid by dat kittee, and evenshuallee died from FLV. It wuz so sad to see him get sikker and sikker.

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Stryper no- stryping
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Yes he is vaccinated for Felv/FIV but needs his last booster.I also discovered recently he has tapeworms.YUCK!!!I guess a trip to the vet is in order now.We have little ones (children) and I would hate for them to get worms too.Thanks