Bloomsburg Fair


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Purred: Thu Sep 28, '06 5:19pm PST 
Did anyone else go to the fair this year? They have gotten awfully expensive. Mom and her boyfriend split a cheesesteak, french fries and a soda and it cost $14. The red deer jerky was really good from what Mom told me. She came home soaked because there was an awful storm. There was a creepy guy at the cheesesteak place, too, who looked like he was wearing Billy Bob teeth. I'm glad I got to stay home and be nice and dry. And of course I don't have to pay for my food.




Purred: Fri Sep 29, '06 6:20pm PST 
Hi Liam!

My mom is going tomorrow, the weather is supposed to be nice, so I'll be busy at home watching the birds outside... She is looking forward to the food, fair food is the best she says!


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Purred: Fri Sep 29, '06 8:15pm PST 
How did your mom enjoy the fair? My mom likes fair food, too. Unfortunately, she only took $40 with her, which didn't stretch much between food, parking and admission. Mom said she likes fried Oreos, but she couldn't afford them this year. Did she see the creepy guy at the cheesesteak place?