Have You Ever Broken Anything?

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Panther Boys- Rule!
Purred: Wed Aug 2, '06 7:54pm PST 
Today, I was bad. I broke a ceramic picture frame in half. Mommy wasn't a happy camper about it either. I guess I was bored and wanted to jump up on the tall chest of drawers and I knocked the picture frame that was up there to the floor.

Dr. Morris- Excalibur- Jonathan

Fast & Furry
Purred: Thu Aug 3, '06 5:29pm PST 
Do you expect me to acutally remember?There are so many good ones to pick from. . . . let's just say that I have broken things numerous times.


The Shadow
Purred: Fri Aug 4, '06 9:42am PST 
Last night I was naughty! I knocked over one of mommy's expensive anime figurines and one of her wings fell off! Well, it was right in my way of her air conditioner!She yelled at me and chased me away but when I snuggled up to her and gave her an "I'm sorry" meow,she forgave me.

Charley, - NPC

The Mgr. lives- in the - toolshed!
Purred: Sun Aug 6, '06 2:52pm PST 
I broke the table that used to be next to the sofa.

I used it as a launching pad one too many times. I could leap from the top of the table to the front door and only touch the floor once. It was great for when I heard noises outside.

Mommy wasn't happy but she was glad the glass top didn't break, too!


Jugar, jugar,- correr,- brincar...- dormir.
Purred: Thu Aug 10, '06 4:18pm PST 
Once I broke a expensive cristal vase.


I stick my nose- into everything!
Purred: Mon Aug 14, '06 8:17am PST 
I like knocking down some of the wooden animals on the shelf. Mommy always glues them back and puts them back in the same place. Can't she see that they're in my way?!?!


I Strut 'Cause I- Own The Place
Purred: Tue Aug 15, '06 11:40pm PST 
Oh my...in my short little life I've broken a lamp, a glass, knocked over plants and chewed them up, torn the carpet...the list goes on. Good thing I'm so cute or I might not get away with it!

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Amos- Parthenon-La- yton

The moose with- the most!
Purred: Wed Aug 16, '06 9:24pm PST 
I don't think I have broken anything except one of my super fuzzy furry kitty wands that my mom made for me. I tried to eat it. oops

Callie NPC,- DBE, STCH,- LP1, CR

100% pure Love- Sponge Attention- Hound!
Purred: Fri Aug 18, '06 8:54am PST 
Let's just say I love to chew on wooden clothespins and leave it at that!

Teebo - Angel- Dreamboat- #66

Snuggles,- anyone?
Purred: Sat Aug 19, '06 7:44pm PST 
I once broke a pretty candle holder that mom had in the bathroom. She was in the shower when I broke it. Luckily, her Auntie bought her a new one!

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