How are your cats like dogs?

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Never give up- when treats are- at stake
Purred: Tue Nov 3, '09 2:14pm PST 
Hi, I am a new member. My human have always thought I am an unusual kitty because I come when called, accompany members of the household around the garden stand on hind legs to beg for treats. She did not train me for any of these; I just do it.


Bad to the Bone
Purred: Wed Nov 4, '09 3:33am PST 
Hi, I'm Orlando Blue, knickname "Landy". I play fetch and retrieve with milk jug rings. I also beg and follow Mommy around. I'm also people-oriented and don't hide from visitors. big grin


I'm the King of- this Castle!
Purred: Wed Nov 4, '09 3:37am PST 
Hi, I'm Sampson Silver Dollar (Sampy) and the bravest kitty in the house. I let children touch me. I also bring Mommy toys and follow her around. When I was younger I used to play fetch and retrieve just like Landy. I love it when Mommy has visitors and will hang with them.big grin


What's That? Can- I Play With It?
Purred: Wed Nov 4, '09 9:12am PST 
Linus loves to play fetch and he follows me around the house! He also thinks he rules over our dog (a Mini-Schnauzer named Kipper ) so he attacks him. kittysnoopy


Purred: Wed Nov 4, '09 4:18pm PST 
Yuri loves to play catch with daddy. He also waits by the door when we get home. Sometimes if he is upstairs when we get home he will run down the steps to greet us. He also follows me from room to room. If I go downstairs (even if he is seemingly asleep) he is not too far behind.


All your treats- are belong to- mwa ;)
Purred: Thu Nov 5, '09 7:54pm PST 
I will play fetch with ANYTHING I can find. (My preferred item is Nerf darts.) I also obey my owners' commands when they are given, even though I don't always enjoy it. I'm also very friendly and open to any new visitors in the home.


Morris For- President
Purred: Sun Nov 8, '09 3:03am PST 
I just adopted my first cat a few months ago. He is about 3. I was beginning to think he was a reincarnation of my dog Megan, who I had to put down years ago. lol (this is my first pet since that happened) Morris acts just like her. I thought there was something wrong with him or that he was not normal until reading this! He is always under foot, never far from me, waits by the door once I leave and my husband says he stays there until I get back, has to cuddle (which I totally love!). He will lay down when told. Any anytime I go into the kitchen, he sits and begs for treats! I didn't even know cats liked treats before getting Morris! Thank you for this group and for letting me know there is nothing wrong with my love Morris! Take care everyone!kitty


Purred: Mon Nov 9, '09 10:11am PST 
Angel likes to play fetch with her mice, especially the ones with tails. I will find them in the kitchen and toss them in the living room. Well the next thing you know here comes Angel with it in her mouth. She drops it at my feet and waits for me to throw it again. She will jump over any obstacle in her way including the dog. She will do this for a few minutes and you know when she has had enough because she looks at it and just lays down, just like a dog would.


Country bumpkin- living in the- city.
Purred: Tue Nov 10, '09 9:25am PST 
Love to play fetch with my foam soccer balls. Mom has taught me to sit, lay, stay, and is working on shake-a-paw. I wear my harness when outside and come when I hear my Mom whistle.
My Mom always introduces me as her Cog because I'm so friendly. Even when Mom's friend brought over their puppy I was polite enough to smell noses, forget that batting a puppy in the face with my paws stuff as that's just down right rude!
Mommy says if I was born as a dog then I would have been a golden retriever, nice compliment if you ask me.


Purred: Fri Nov 27, '09 11:45am PST 
I roll over for my tummy to be petted, I chase my tail, I play fetch AND bring the toys back, and I lick mommy's fingers.

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