How are your cats like dogs?

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Purred: Mon Jul 17, '06 11:40pm PST 
Welcome, honorary members! You are here because you are special enough to be both the dog and cat of your family!

So...what does your cat do that is similar to a dog?


Purred: Mon Jul 17, '06 11:42pm PST 
Meow! I play fetch with Mommy and Daddy. If they throw the bra wire, I will run after it and drop it near them. I don't want to drop it where they can reach it though, because I am a princess and will only drop it where I want to. But they love me anyway.


One cat to rule- them all!
Purred: Thu Jul 5, '07 8:46am PST 
I like to play fetch like a dog so long as the toy I am fetching is relatively clean and small enough to fit in my mouth. My mom will often toss my toy mice around and I'll go after them and bring them right on back to her. I will also beg for table scraps and run straight to the front door whenever I hear company coming, just to see who it is, which is then followed with me running and hiding for safety - can't be too careful you know. kitty


Que Sera, Sera!
Purred: Sun Nov 18, '07 1:03am PST 
I AM a dog! haha I'm trained to "beg" for treats, I wrestle with my puppy bud, Bella on a daily basis, I always sit or sleep very close to Mom or Dad no matter what, I like to cuddle all the time, rub my head against their heads, and lick them on their hands, feetsies, and head whenever possible. I greet Mom and Dad when they come home too, which makes them feel very happysmile And unlike a cat, I don't really jump into high places, hide, or get scared of noises and strange places.


Purred: Tue Nov 3, '09 11:10am PST 
i like to follow dad around..i stay right under his feet,but if i wander off he whistles for me and i run to him ...and i can put my toys away in the bowl when im done playing

Bella May

Play. With. Me.- NOW.
Purred: Tue Nov 3, '09 11:23am PST 
i prefer to play with dog toys that are larger than me. actually, i prefer to attack them and disembowel them with my hind claws...


Captain, USS- Carnivore
Purred: Tue Nov 3, '09 12:12pm PST 
I do basic obedience tricks like sit, stay, come, beg, down, roll over, give a paw and beg! I have a video on my Catster page of me doing my tricks with mom. Take a look!! Glad to have other cats here who act like dogs. I thought I was the only one!!
Daddy thinks my meows sound like little woofs too!


Picked Her- Human, Not Vice- Verse
Purred: Tue Nov 3, '09 12:15pm PST 
Mummy says I'm an angel, not a dog, but HER Mummy and Daddy think I'm a dog in disguise; I love to play fetch, and I follow Mummy around all the time--she complains when I follow her into the room with the water, but I get LONELY without her! (She also thanks me for not drinking out of the toilet--I am not THAT much like a dog, thank Bast.)

I come when called, most the time, and I know my name. I let Mummy put a harness and leash on me sometimes, when she tells me it's really important. And when Mummy can't find something important, she asks me where it is, and most the time I find it for her! (Mummy says that makes me creepy, but she hugs me while she says it, so I don't care.)


Purred: Tue Nov 3, '09 12:48pm PST 
I like to chew on mommy's shoes and her purse. I leave little tiny bite marks because my teeth are much smaller than a dog's. Most of the time, mommy lets me get away with it because I'm so cute, but when I start chewing on my favorite things she gets mad at me. She says I can't chew on the purple sparkly beaded flipflops because I can choke on the beads and sequins, but I've already chewed a bunch off and I didn't get sick from it. She also yells at me when I chew on her purse cuz she says it's expensive. But that doesn't stop me from trying... Also, I can be very affectionate, and I like to hog the attention, especially when my brother Leto is getting attention, that makes me especially upset so I have to jump in everyone's way and steal the spotlight from him. I like to lick people a lot too. I give kisses and lick Mommy and Daddy's faces. I even drink out of the toilet sometimes, I prefer it to the fresh water Mom puts in my bowl. I'm still a cat though, because when Mommy starts crocheting I go absolutely crazy! I love to chew on the yarn and chase it. Mom usually yells at me for that too, because she says I'm going to ruin her project, but then she picks me up and calls me a brat and kisses me, so she must not be that upset about it.

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Purred: Tue Nov 3, '09 1:16pm PST 
Luna loves to play fetch with small balls of paper. She also unashamedly begs at the dinner table, and must sniff the hands of all who enter our home. Best of all, she growls(sounds just like a dog) at anyone who approaches our property! It's a hoot to watch! She is quite unique!

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