Border Collie "Horror" Stories

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Foster...- Australian for- Wild Dog.
Purred: Wed Jul 12, '06 7:56am PST 
I love causing trouble. When I first arrived at my new home I managed to find everything that was in the back yard and chew it up. Old Shoes, Grill Covers, Lawn Mowers, Bicycles. (Daddy's Note: He found stuff left over from the previous owners 15 years ago... and chewed it up.) I was just thinking that with this many of us (Border Collies) out there we must have a bunch of great stories. I would love to hear about everybody else. Maybe we can compare notes on how to get attention.

Oreo - (Masters- agility)

Its my- Birthday!!!!!- April 1
Purred: Wed Jul 12, '06 7:47pm PST 
The best way to teach a border collie not to chew or destroy anything. I have a big ball and basket ball ,socker ball in the yard for him to play with while i am at work.......I was scared about getting a border collie after reading up on them....But I will tell you this, Oreo has been the greatest dog I ever owned ...He is in obedience school and he is inside when I am home .He has his tennis balls for inside to play with ...he never miss behaves ..I guess you make what you want out of your dog...I have the best behaving dogs I could ever ask for ....They are spoiled rotten ,I treat them like I birth to0 .....How many border collies do you know that you can take them to nursing homes.......I can take him anywhere with me....I know i am just bragging on my Oreo.If I want him to quit playing ,I just say Take a brake..........and he will go lay down....


Foster...- Australian for- Wild Dog.
Purred: Thu Jul 13, '06 7:59am PST 
I haven't actually destroyed anything in a year and a half... I just wanted to see what kind of mischief some of the other dogs have been up to.

*Oreo the- Super dog*

CAT?- cat?- where?
Purred: Thu Jul 13, '06 6:27pm PST 
Well... One is when I was 1 and we moved into our new house I saw the neigbors cat and like my insticte I went after him until he ran up the street to the church and It was just leting out... the cat jumped on a poor man. But for me I was happy to bark up a mess! I do lots of bad things like once I took my mommy's cookie back ate some and burried the rest in the yard! My mommy didn't find them till next summer! I'm a bad dog!


rhiw -aka- bonnylad
Purred: Sun Jul 16, '06 8:30am PST 
Well. Aroo roo!

When I was a puppy ( I am now a grown dog with immaculate manners) I did several Very Bad Things.

The first happened the night before Mum and Dad were getting married. They left the spare room door open and I got in and ate my Mum's wedding shoes! The next day I felt a bit ashamed so I made up for it by singing VERY loudly during the service. I'm Welsh you see, and I have a beautiful voice.

On another occasion I got into the bathroom and ate a tube of something she rubs on her skin to make it smooth. Uggh! It tasted horrid and I had to go to hospital. The vet says I have the smoothest insides of any dog in England.

This is all in the past now, though and I haven't eaten anything I shouldn't for a very long time.

Woof !


I have a- destroy the- Flickers!
Purred: Sun Oct 8, '06 9:41am PST 
Once I ran into the living room with a plant and started eating it. My sister Liz took it off me, and then discovered the big trail of soil in the front room...
Also I once bit my brother Charlie on his belly. I didn't MEAN to-I was aiming for the bag with my toy in it! A few days later my sister Kath was walking me and I dragged her over to a lady and jumped all over her. I was in disgrace for a long time after that...But I hardly do anything bad now. Honest!

Cutey Secor

Running is- FUNdamental.
Purred: Wed Oct 25, '06 6:09pm PST 
I used to be aggressive toward strangers especially young people but my daddy and mommy gradually helped me to stop being afraid and they never punished me but rewarded me for being nice so now I am not perfect but I am a lot better, and I did mellow out with age (I am eight)


Tullyman - brother from- another mother!
Purred: Mon Oct 30, '06 9:04pm PST 
When I was a new pup I ate just about anything I got my teeth, shoes, mom's glasses, roast beef..really just about anything...the worst was the olive oil..was I ever a sick puppy. I had to take medicine to get my digestive system back to normal. All is good now...only doggie food, doggie cookies and carrots!


Mom says I'm a- pretty (stinky)- pup!
Purred: Mon Oct 30, '06 10:31pm PST 
Mommy and Daddy learned very quickly not to let me alone without supervision. (Darn.) I once dug a hole in the wooden patio! They were none too pleased about that frown I've also eaten several things I shouldn't have. Oh! And one night they let me roam around the apartment free.... When they woke up, I couldn't wait to show them my redecorations! I'd clawed up some papers on the floor, chewed up Mommy's comic books (she has poor taste in comic books) AND I nibbled at a collector's poster they'd let out. Oh and I drank some milk tea that Mommy had left out too! Yum! They weren't too happy about that either frown


Mom says I'm a- pretty (stinky)- pup!
Purred: Mon Oct 30, '06 10:34pm PST 
Eck, double post. Sorry about that!

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