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This is Bounce's mummy - she's not the world's best typist so I decided I'd write this for her!

Lots of things you wouldn't think of are poisonous to cats. My daughter is a veterinary nurse and they see all sorts of awful things.

LILIES in particular can be deadly. They had a cat brought in to the surgery which died within hours in spite of all they did for it : it had been sitting by a vase of flowers and had got lily pollen on its coat so like all good cats, it had cleaned itself. All parts of lilies - even the pollen - are highly toxic to cats and cause renal failure. The owners were devastated, not just to lose their cat in such an awful way but with the knowledge that it was something they had deliberately brought into the house which had killed her. I have dug up all the lilies which were in my garden and never buy them for the house, beautiful though they are.

Many common house plants are also toxic to cats : there is a list of some of the most common on and also a list of plants that you don't have to worry about if Kitty nibbles at them (although I wouldn't suggest that you FEED them to your cat!)

Dogs are also sensitive to things that we can eat with impunity : most people now know that chocolate can be deadly to dogs, but onions, grapes and especially raisins are also toxic to dogs and may also affect cats. Fortunately, cats usually have enough sense not to eat them!

Love (and pussy-cat-strokes for the cats)
Dianne x x x

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Thanx for this great info--we sure didn't know about the lilies! Purs, Angel Pie Joe Thunderbear


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Wow! Thanks for the info on poisons to us kitties. My mommy thanks you too! She would never want to bring something home that might hurt us.


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I didn't know about the lilies either. shock We don't have them in the house as dad doesn't like the smell, but he knows someone that does and she has two kitties.



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Wow...thanks for the info. My auntie usually doesn't keep plants around because, well, they usually die. She just doesn't have a green thumb though she wishes sometimes that she did. She'll certainly spread the word though to anyone who has cats.frown