Long Island (Nassau/Suffolk) Furbabies!

Sophie Love

I love my- Daddy!
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What part of LI are you from?!


Professor- Duckworth
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I'm acting as spokescat for my family. We're from Seaford, south shore Nassau Co. But then, you've been here Sophie and Chloe!

Sophie Love

I love my- Daddy!
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Yea. I was picked up off the street in Wantagh at about 8 months old. I used to be a Hobo but decided a life on the street wasn't for me and decided it was time to find a forever home.

Chloe was adopted from North Shore Animal League at about 7 weeks. She was so cute that our Meowmie decided she must go home with her. Our Bubbie (aka grandma) thought Chloe was just as cute as our Meowmie did until Chloe pooped on her!! HAHAHHA. Silly Chlobo.


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we are from Westbury, I was found in a parking lot with 3 of my littermates. My siblings all got homes too. Not with me thought, I gots lots of fuzzy friends here to play with here.

Diesel- ♥

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Right now i live in queens but me, mommy and goliath are moving to Bellport (the nice part) in an apartment with daddy. My mommy used to work at north shore animal league a few years ago.


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Hi everyone! I live in Bethpage...

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I'm in Massapequa!


I didn't do it
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I am in West Hempstead with my sister, Lola!

Halie [At- the Bridge]

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my owner is in the process of getting a new apartment so thats to be determined.

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