Breeze litter

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Samson &- Delilah

Purred: Thu Oct 27, '16 11:06am PST 
I love the system. However, both my cats, Samson & Delilah r getting growths on their pads. They're only 6 yrs old, brother & sister. Vet is considering surgery. The pellets r like rocks. Indoor cats. I can't help but wonder if it's the litter. Has anyone else noticed this problem?


If your lap is- available, I'll- be there!

Purred: Sun Nov 13, '16 3:54pm PST 
My cat used the Breeze litter system only for a short time so nothing like that became a problem. I do agree that this type of litter is kind of sharp. If the only solution is surgery I would definitely change the type of litter system to see if that solves the problem instead of surgery.