Tiny ants

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We just moved to a new condo and the other day I discovered tiny ants crawling in the kitties' bowls. They were so incredibly small that, at first, I thought they were crumbs. Then I saw them move. confused

I moved the kitty's bowls to the other end of our unit and spread some diatomaceous earth around where the ants were. A day later, I found more of the ants in the new dish location.

I put the dishes, both food and water, on a coffee table so they won't be in contact with the floor but I don't know if that will make any difference since these things are so tiny that I doubt gravity has much effect on them.

I put down more DE and added a few ant baits in the places where the ants were but since I have no idea what species these are, I don't know what works on them.

Does anyone else have any experience in dealing with tiny ants, so small that they're barely visible to the naked eye?


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The best thing I have found for these little critters which are food or sugar ants, is to put the dishes in a shallow bowl and fill the shallow bowl with water. The ants can't walk through the water so they can't get in the food. Always check to make sure that the kitties haven't put food into the water, it starts to smell after a few days.


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That's a good idea, Macy! Thanks! way to go

The coffee table as a feeding station seems to be working so far (scratch on wood). I put some wadded tape under the legs to keep the ants from climbing up, but I wonder if there's some way I can make the saucer-moats around the table legs and keep them away that way? Hmm.... thinking

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We've never had tiny ants -- we've had little ants. What happened a few years back -- the ants were outside, going in a long convoy from one side of my deck underneath it, out on the other side, up the side of the house and across the clothesline out to who knows where. So I sprayed them. Bad mistake! Because I interrupted their ant highway, they made a new highway, through my kitchen! eek Last year I left their outside highway alone and I didn't have any ant highways in the kitchen.

So, I'm thinking the other apartments in your condo probably spray so the ants are using your apartment. Can you backtrack and see where they're coming in? Under doors or around water pipes? I think my ants were coming up around the sink's water pipes and were only in the kitchen. But they were very pesty there. I couldn't feed the cats or dog in the kitchen; the ants would smell the food. I had to keep my sugar bowl in the frig but mainly they went for meat. I couldn't leave a dirty dish in the sink or food on the counters, it would really attract them.

What I used is a spray called Orange Guard. I bought it at Ace Hardware, but I see it all over the internet.


I t can be used around food, humans and pets. I lightly sprayed it under the sink around the pipes and along my countertops' backsplash and the wall where the ants were squeezing through. It has a nice orange smell. I sprayed about once a day or if I saw an ant.


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I'll check out the Orange Guard. Thanks for the tip!

So far they seem to be going for the baits I put out, so maybe they'll make a difference.

I've been researching miniscule species of ants, and I think these are either pharaoh ants or thief ants. I'm leaning toward thief ants because those ones like fat and protein and these ones like cat food.