Litter Genie Refill options

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Hi everyone,

I'm looking into getting a Litter Genie and was wondering if Diaper Genie refills would fit into it. I tried looking on google but got frustrated having to weed through all the topics and the amazon reviews. Thank you all for your time smile


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I received a Litter Genie to test. I liked it a lot. On average, I got 9 bags out of the bag cartridge. Unwilling to pay the cost of the refills, I found that a 8 gallon trash bags that I purchased at Kmart would work. Yes, it takes a lot more time to use the spent bag cartridge with the 8 gallon bags. It can be done cheap enought. But I gave up because the heights of the Litter Genie. It was too tall next to my only space next to the toliet and the bathtub. I ended up with a small rectangle trash can that has a petal to open the plastic lid. The trash can from Target was stainless steel on the outside with a plastic inner liner. It was just under $35.00 for the SimpleHuman 11" H x 13.5" W x 6.25" D can. Those same 8 gallon Ironclad bags work in the trash can I bought at Target.

Ironclad vanilla scented 65 count (8 gallon) bags are $4.99.