Crating My Cat (PLEASE RESPOND) Thanks! :D

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So, I always put Delilah in her crate at night, and if I have to leave for a couple of hours. Her crate is huge. (Big enough for a medium to large breed dog.) I do this because I'm afraid she'll destroy the house or get into something she shouldn't. She even has a litterbox in the back of it so she can relieve herself. My question is "Does anyone else crate their cat at night? and Is this okay?" I'd eventually like to able to let her roam freely in the house at night and when I'm gone. PLEASE RESPOND!

Thanks, Delilah's Mom, Darci


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I did that at night for a while, then graduated to keeping Maizy in the bedroom at night & when I was gone. There is nothing wrong with it if it works for you, as long as there is access to a potty box & water. At least in my opinion. When the time is right, then you can leave her have the run of the house as long as you have kitten-proofed!

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Maybe isntead of a dog crate, you can put the cat in the bathroom with the litter bod, food, water, and toys? thinking Bathrooms are easy to clean if a mess occrs. Of course, you do want to cat-proof the bathroom: keep the toilet lid down, put all household cleaners, personal cleaning products, etc in a closet, make sure there are no electrical cords left out (hair dryer, curling iron, etc). If the bathroom has no window, plug in a nightlight and turn it on. When Human got Leroy, she kept him in the bathroom whenever she wasn't home and at night so he wouldn't gt in trouble. After a couple of weeks, Leroy didn't need to stay in the bathroom.

Or you could get a cat playpen like this one Cats like to have multiple levels to climb and sit on.

It's normal to be worried about a kitten getting into mischief when you're not around hug Try to make your house as cat-proof as possible. Human's place is not just cat-proof, it's Leroy-proof shock Leroy isn't very smart shrug


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Our kittens go away at night. We put them in the laundry room where their litter boxes normally are. They have food, water, toys and its big enough for them to still play. We used to put them away when we went out as well, but we realized they sleep while we're gone mostly. It's night time that's the problem! If we didn't have our laundry room I'm sure we would've gotten one of those cat condo crates or a big dog crate too. I don't see anything wrong with it! Just gradually upgrade her and see how she does.


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Unlike dogs, cats don't generally cause much havoc. Now I have enough chewed plants and glued back together glassware to know they can get into mischief.

But if you do a thorough search under furniture, make sure anything very fragile is way out of reach or behind say a display case...I used double sided tape on some items just in case. Make sure your plants are safe and non-poisonus, have a lid for the wastebaskets and keep toilet lids down unless you're sitting on them.

Then you might want to do away with the crate all together. For most cats, sleeping with their owners is one of their favorite things. Just keep the door ajar for nightly litter box access. You'll do finekitty

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Thanks for sharing these idea in this forum.Generally both cat and dog don't havoc much.Just put some masticated plant around your house. And just watch her how she upgrade herself and how does she behave.

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I routinely use extra large plastic airline dog crates for new cats, for sick cats, to retrain cats with potty problems, and for any other occasion where a cat needs to be confined for some reason. They make the cat feel safe because they are enclosed, the cat can still interact with the world outside of the crate through the door, and they are easy to clean and disinfect.


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It's Stella. When we were young, 13-20 wks old, our person crated us at night and when she went out for more than an hour or so. We were semi-feral kittens who were unused to being in a house and very strong and destructive. Despite the crating, we still destroyed a lot of things.

Later on, after we were allowed to run free, we found two spots in the floor that were weak and we tore up the floor trying to get out and succeeded a couple of times. The moral: Before you let them run loose unsupervised, make sure there is nothing that they can crawl into, through, under, etc. to get into trouble. Also that there are no poisons that they can get into or electrical cords to chew on. If you have curtains or blinds that have dangling cords, they should be pinned up so kittens don't get tangled in.

If you always crate them, they will never learn about dangers, and they will miss out on the joys of running free. They will be the most venturesome and brave at night, but we love to look out the windows at night to see wild animals and people. If you get one of those big multilevel cages, put it by a big window.

As they say elsewhere on the web, everyone is different and your mileage may vary. Giant purrs from all of us! wave hug

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I routinely use crates for new cats, ill cats, and for a rescue cat who is terrified of everything but feels safe and is only social when she's crated. I just started a new thread with an informational post on introducing a new cat to a multiple cat household using the crate method. A crate lets a cat see and safely interact with the world outside the crate whereas a cat shut into just one room doesn't get that socialization exposure.


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our cat buzz can be very neurotic... so sometimes we put her in her crate for a time out... some times at night.... it is a regular sized crate... she will fall asleep in it and it calms her down... she is even known to go into in on her own and go to sleep... I am not sure about the litter being so close to your cat... that might be distressing... not sure if they need it overnight....