What's up with the Feliway plug-ins?

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We live in Wisconsin with five feline boys and long, cold winters. The main thing keeping peace in the family is the Feliway plug-in; we use three to four of them at a time.
The problem: Occasionally, they overheat and start to smell like ... well, hot Feliway.
Has anyone else had this problem? Is there any solution, such as soaking and scrubbing the plug-in unit? At about $20 per unit and fluid, keeping the fur-kids calm is getting pricey.
We appreciate any help you can give us.
-- The Two-legger Peacekeepers
Cambridge, WI


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I'm not sure what to suggest except to unplug the diffusers every so often. You could try using the spray during the times the diffusers are unplugged if it seems that the effect is wearing off.


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Contact the company and tell them about the problem and ask them what they advise you to do.


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I haven't had that problem with my Feliway plug in. Definitely try the spray for a while, but contact the company. You may have a defective plug in unit.

If that doesn't work, check your outlet - there may be a problem with it.

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I would contact them as well. I have used them before and it never smelled like that.


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Definitely call them - When I first started using them, I had one that I had plugged in upside down, and called because it was dripping. (cuz I had it upside down- felt like a dork) anyways, they were so nice & helpful & sent me a new one since the other one was full of the oil. They may send you a new one. Also, they do recommend you replace the unit every 6 months. I wait a bit longer than that, but maybe that is why too.