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Does the kitty litter type actually have an importance for cats?

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Stella- Felinis--Queen- of All Kitties!
Purred: Wed Jan 15, '14 10:05pm PST 
It's Stella. Boy, Cricket, I would hate to have to explain that to the IRS!. red face Teachers never believe that the dog ate my homework, but this is just out of this world. Purrs to you, but stay off your person's desk. wave

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I like the clumping variety but one of my kitties has decided that was not for him. He would rather have the cheap clay litter.


Living,- breathing- bear-cat aka- VelcroCat
Purred: Sat Jul 11, '15 11:24am PST 
Haha Stella what a funny cat. Some cats just love a bit of paper for the bum cat on moon

I used clumping litter until one of my cats got some of it stuck up their nose and had to see the vet to remove it. Apparently this happens as the clumping litter is very fine and when they inhale it, it gets moist inside the nasal cavity and swells. Since then I've been using the perfumed crystals. We have four cats so it sees heavy use and it does a decent enough job. You just need to pour in a decent amount and not skimp on it. We scoop daily and replace once a week generally, twice if things start looking hairy. It's not the best for tracking, you end up with lots of crystals underfoot, but we've placed their litter tray inside a huge plastic tub with a lid (much bigger than the litter tray) and cut an opening into the front for them to use. That keeps the litter inside, cuts down on the smell and keeps the dogs out of the kitty litter. I've lined the inside of the plastic tub with rubber matting which I glued to the walls and floor (the type with the little prongs Mats%20closeup%20600.JPG) as one of our cats rubs the crystals off his feet by wiping against the walls of the tub, whilst the others just leave the crystals behind as they walk out. Yup, the rug needs cleaning when I clean the tray, but that's easier than constantly sweeping the floor.

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