Cat litter spread out

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Purred: Mon Sep 30, '13 1:32am PST 
I have got Cat's Best Oko Plus Cat litter, in my opinion the best litter there is.

But....the litter is everywhere. The cats in my household don't like the doors on the litter boxes and I have had cats guarding the box when another cat was doing his business, resulting in an argument.

So the doors are out, but this creates the problem of litter spreading in the room. We hoover once a day and it's clean for about 15 minutes or so before a cat gets enthusiastic about burying his or her 'droppings'.

Anybody any idea how to contain this mess without putting the doors back in?


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Try a bigger litter box--even if you have to be creative. The big, clear storage bins at Wal-Mart are a great alternative. Cut a door in one end (you can even put it up a little higher if you feel like you need to), and fill it with litter. Might take more litter, but it's got nice high sides, an open top, and you can custom fit the door so it's a little higher than in a normal litter box. Plus, with as big as these are, it means a boisterous cat who likes to cover...and cover...and cover their litter is more likely to keep the litter in the box than fling it everywhere.


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Unfortunately we live outside the USA, so no Wal-Mart, but I get the idea. I also thought it would be an idea to put the litter boxes in small cupboards. Any experiences with that?


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How many litter boxes do you have? How many pretty kitties do you have now? They will guarding litter pans because of too few pans. The Alpha cats will do that. Bad kitties. Play nice now!

A high sided clear container is the answer on containing the litter outside the pan. To see what we mean go to www.google.com type "rubbermaid clear tote". See that Roughneck one? Like that one. Now go to a "hardware store", or something like we have Walmart, Target, Kmart or something like that in your country, The Netherlands. I'm not sure if Ikea would have them. No Ikeas in my city. Lots of my stores are now getting these containers to store Christmas stuff. And very popular for us in the USA is Halloween. Saw some on Saturday purple and some orange colored containers. But clear is best. Cut the opening at least 5 or 6 inches off the floor. 6 inches equals 15.24 centimeters. Look for 66 to 95 quarts ones. In liters that is 62 to 90 liters. Look around and see what you find this.


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More than one box is better also! Around here we use great big mortar mix or wallpaper hanging bins which Meowma loves because they have curved ends making them very easy to clean, they are plenty deep, AND--even cheaper than the rubbermaids! They are sold at home improvement stores smile