nervous about house developing "cat smell"

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A little cat- with a lot to- learn
Purred: Wed Sep 4, '13 12:51pm PST 
we've only had our cat 2 weeks and am trying to be extremely proactive in cleaning the litter and floors daily. I don't think I have a particularly smelly cat, but in the back of my head I am afraid my house will one day smell like one! does anyone have some tips for this new cat owner on more good ways to clean/freshen a house with a cat?


Ambassador at- the Kitty U.N.
Purred: Thu Sep 5, '13 6:55am PST 
A house should never smell like cat and luckily it's not to hard to avoid, especially with only one kitty. Stay on top of the litter box - scoop constantly and clean at least once a week. If you use clumping litter you can wipe down the sides and bottom with a white vinegar/water solution. Other kinds of litter should be changed out completely. The cat itself shouldn't smell - cats are very clean animals and smell will bother him even more than you! Good luck with your new baby!


Knead softly &- carry a big purr
Purred: Thu Sep 5, '13 3:33pm PST 
I've got 4, and I have asked a few people who I knew would be totally honest with me, and they tell me there is never a smell. As long as you keep the box clean, and wash up any stinky food dishes, you should be fine!


go getter kitter
Purred: Fri Sep 6, '13 7:14pm PST 
There are 12 of us inside here including an entire male and everyone who visits is shocked that they don't smell cat--they actually tell my human Meowma that--and she asks her friends to be honest and let her know the minute they EVER think the house smells 'catty'. We do have plenty of boxes, and they get scooped twice a day. Just use good litter, the clumping kind, and scoop daily or twice. more than one cat, more than one box! and use a BIG, open box--closed ones concentrate the smell and little ones don't dry out well if there are more than a clump or 2 in there.


A little cat- with a lot to- learn
Purred: Sat Sep 7, '13 11:55am PST 
thankseveryone! glad to know I'm off to a good start!

Miss Tiny- Burr Burr

Love and adore.
Purred: Sat Sep 7, '13 12:34pm PST 
i moved in with someone who was allergic to cats so i had to really keep up on cleaning. usually "cat smell" is litterbox related. i use fresh step unscented and scoop daily. It also depends on what you feed. when my cats get into dry food ment for the stray cats i feed, there poop and urine smells bad.

i also vacuum and wash the curtains and bedding alot


PLAY!!! Play- play play play- pl...zzzzzzz
Purred: Mon Sep 9, '13 7:05pm PST 
Ya know....I'm not nearly as tidy as I should be, and we still manage to keep our home odor free with high-quality unscented litter and frequent scooping. We live with my VERY sensitive mother in law who would tell me in a heartbeat if there was a pet smell to the house!

I pay a little more for the Dr. Elsey's Ultra Scoopable litter than I might for another brand, but it's so perfect for us that it's totally worth it!


all you need is- love
Purred: Tue Sep 10, '13 5:36pm PST 
We use Dr Elsey's also, and really it's about the same price here as Tidy Cat, Arm & Hammer etc and less dusty less expensive than the crystals and natural litter (we think the plant based ones tend to smell weird until used, then they stink) --around here it's really only more expensive than the cheapest scoopables which are way too dusty for this many of us.

Pickles &- Cinders

Look at me! - Look at me!
Purred: Sat Sep 14, '13 2:52pm PST 
"Cat smell" is definitely due to not scooping litter each time they poop and pee, and if your cat is having urinary problems and not using the box. The first is easy to do, and the other is just about paying attention to your cat. If he/she is having litter issues, it's usually do to an underlying health problem. Not that I want to scare you, but it can happen. That being said, don't worry and just love your kitties. We've lived in many an apartment with two cats and a dog, and have never had a smell. kissing

Mama Cat

Purred: Sat Sep 21, '13 10:57pm PST 
I agree with Miss Tiny Burr Burr...Higher quality food keeps the stink at bay. I was feeding my foster kittens a lower quality food (Friskies wet) to keep the cost down, but they were pooping all the time. I switched to a medium quality (Nutro dry) plus a high quality wet (Wellness) and the poop smell is much less. It was almost overnight. Once they are adopted, I will get my own cats back to high-med quality wet.
Also there are ways to solve litter box problems. One of my cats started pooping right outside the litter box. He did this for several days till I simply added another litter box. He likes to pee in one and poo in another.

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