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This forum is for discussing all topics related to the challenges (and joys!) of keeping your house clean while living with cats. Here you can share tips, recommendations for products and techniques, and more!

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Iba- So sorry for the late reply! I could of swore I pressed send!

So if I add litter whenever it gets low, it should last a long while? How do I know I should change it? Mixing litter is a great idea, I'll definitely take note of your mixture if I want to improve my litter. Hmm... a Litter Genie. I'll consider it, especially if I find doggy bags stinky. My mom is always calling me to recycle things and take them outside, so I could just do it then but, meh, I don't know. Thanks for all the great advice and ideas!

Aw, poor boy, I remember when I got carsick when I was younger. Wasn't very fun. But he's a cutie nonetheless! I'll just have to see what quirks I get to have, an adventure for sure!

Beep- Oh don't worry about it! You should see me ramble and lecture people about proper fish care! laugh out loud Yeah, I figured bigger the box, the better. Nice and roomy bathroom! I really want to get the cat in the summer so I can get in the litter scooping groove. Good habits ya know? Heh, I'm honestly, I'm only 12, almost 13. I'll get organized of course!


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I do buy them at the dollar store! I think poo bags meant for dogs do well to keep the smells at bay while in the garbage. It's just my routine, and I find them very handy.

As far as litter, my terrible twosome currently use Tidy Cats Multiple Cat scoopable litter. I love the smell, it is easy to scoop, and still smells first day fresh. way to go


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We use those plastic grocery bags from WalMart and Publix. After we put the groceries away we save the bags in another bag. Then when we scoop we use those bags tied tightly so no odor escapes. They go right in the trash can in the kitchen.

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