Hardwood Floors

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Anyone else got 'em?

I love them because they're so easy to clean but I am confused about what products are best with pets. I've tried everything from floor wash to Murphy's oil soap, but actually had the best results with simple vinegar and water!

I end up having to wash the floors once a week and usually sweep twice/day because all the hair quickly accumulates on the floor and I HATE walking around in bare feet and seeing fur stuck to my feet!!!! I just hate dirt in general.

What do you use?


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I have a Hoover floor machine that I use. I either sweep or I have a swiffer dry vac thing. I like Murhpy's - it is gentle & safe. Plain hot water or vinegar is good.It is great for cat hair. I would never have carpet again - my dog used to shed tons, so we pulled the carpet out then.


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I am a part time cleaning lady, and I swear by white vinegar and water, on tile, pergo and hardwoods. It leaves everything feeling and looking so clean, no residue, and best of all, totally safe for kids and pets. I just fill up the sink or a mom bucket about halfway and just pour in about a cup of vinegar, and I use a string mop. I have tried every cleaner under the sun and nothing compares to it. I also clean windows with a mixture of vinegar and water, with a drop of dawn dish detergent.