How to clean clumping kitty litter from plastic carriers??

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Purred: Tue Jun 4, '13 11:02am PST 
Anyone know how to clean the white dirty-looking residue from clumping kitty litter off of plastic carriers or plastic cage trays? Kittens dumped the water bowl and then tracked kitty litter all over - and I can't get it cleaned off!!

Specifically, I use Scoop Away and Tidy Cat.

I've got to wonder, if it's that hard to clean, what's it doing to the kitty's insides???


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Purred: Tue Jun 4, '13 2:05pm PST 
Precisely why you should switch from a clay-based litter to something more natural. I prefer either World's Best Cat Litter or the new Blue Buffalo litter made from walnut shells.

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Purred: Tue Jun 4, '13 5:04pm PST 
Did hot soap and water and scrubbing with a heavy duty sponge not work? thinking Maybe try letting hot soap and water sit on the dirty spot for 10 minutes before scrubbing? Don't use any sort of household cleaner! Leftover resiude, even afer lots of rinses with plain water, can be toxic if the cat licks it shock Something stronger than soap and water but still safe to use is a mixture of vinegar and baking soda in hot water.

You can try a Mr Clean Magic Eraser sponge thing, too. It has an abrasive side which cleans up a lot of stubborn messes.